Correct use and maintenance of DC screen storage battery

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-16

  The correct use and maintenance of the DC screen battery mainly includes the following 7 points:

  1 Check whether the fixing bolts of the battery on the bracket are tightened. If the device is not secure, the case may be caused by driving vibration. Body damage. In addition, do not put metal objects on the battery to prevent short circuit.

  2 Always check whether the pole and the terminal are connected reliably. To prevent oxidation of the terminal, a protective agent such as petroleum jelly can be applied.

  3 It is not possible to check the power of the battery by the direct ignition short circuit test method. This will cause damage to the battery.

  4 Ordinary lead-acid DC battery should pay attention to adding distilled water regularly. It is best to charge dry-charged batteries properly before use. As for the maintenance-free battery that can be filled with water, it is not that it cannot be maintained. Appropriate inspection. Adding distilled water when necessary helps to extend the service life.

  5 The air hole on the battery cover should be unobstructed. A large number of bubbles will occur when the battery is being charged. If the vent is blocked, the gas cannot escape. When the pressure increases to a certain level, the battery shell will burst.

  6 There is often a yellowish-white paste around the battery pole and cover, which is caused by the sulfuric acid corroding the root pole, line card, fixing frame, etc. The resistance is very large, so it must be cleared in time.

  7 When two batteries are used in series, the capacity of the batteries should preferably be equal. Otherwise, the service life of the DC screen battery will be affected. Generally, this kind of maintenance-free battery can be stored for 10 months from leaving the factory to use, and its voltage and capacitance remain unchanged, and the voltage and capacitance of poor quality batteries will drop about 3 months after leaving the factory. At the time of purchase, you can check whether the voltage and capacitance of the battery meet the requirements in the manual if you choose 3 months away from the production date. If the voltage and capacitance are reduced, it means that the material inside is not good, then the quality of the battery is certain No, it may be disguised after being charged by the dealer with the water-filled battery.

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