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by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-23
Science start battery should not be excessive discharge, start time should not more than 10 seconds. Cannot begin as a time interval should be 0. 5 ~ second again after 1 minute, start can't more than three consecutive times; If still won't start, should check whether there is any problem on other parts of the engine. Connection solid battery connection must be strong, to contact a good joint, so as not to produce a spark that makes battery charging discharge burst. Battery cover plate, terminal and the connection lead should be clean and full, can not have dirt, corrosion and damage. Fixation of battery should be fixed on the locomotive, avoid strong vibration, it is best to rubber, felt, such as fixation, otherwise, the locomotive battery vulnerable to shake loose in the road, the plate, insulation board, wire loose or broken shell. Plus new battery electrolyte and electrolyte should let stand for 4 ~ 8 hours after the recharging, so that the electrolyte penetration plate, also facilitate cooling. Liquid distribution solutions, it is forbidden to put the water in sulfuric acid, can only pour the sulfuric acid into the water, lest cause explosion burns. Stomatal open cover note liquid should maintain open pores, otherwise, the battery in higher air pressure will cause the battery shell, battery cover burst. Keep the voltage of every single battery voltage is lower than 1. 7 v, more can't put the electric, more should pay attention to the winter, in case the electrolyte freezes, damage to the battery. Being a iron it is forbidden to put the metal or tools on the battery cover. Remove, should be remove the battery wire, when installation, on the contrary. Cautious discharge battery may not be violent discharge, the time interval between the two time you start should be greater than 2 minutes, start using the glow plug preheating time shall not exceed 40 seconds. When work not cut generators, are not allowed to be cut off and the battery connection. Liquid level check regularly check the electrolyte level, electrolyte should be higher than that of the upper plate 10 ~ 15 mm, when joining a clean distilled water, is forbidden to add water, spring water, well water and tap water. Scientific preservation locomotive parking need not, battery should be removed, indoors preservation, and regularly added charge, the best charging once a month, just in case the plate, and should be removed by iron wire. Prohibit to pile up sundry on the battery cover, tools, etc. , and often with 20% alkaline cleaning plate, keep clean and dry.
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