Correct use and maintenance of batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-27
Scientific starting battery should not be over-discharged, and the starting time should not exceed 10 seconds. If it fails to start at one time, it should be performed a second time after an interval of 0.5 to 1 minute. The continuous start cannot exceed three times; if it still fails to start, check whether there are any problems with other parts of the engine.   Firm connection The connection of the battery must be firm, and the joints must be in good contact to avoid sparks caused by charging and discharging to burst the battery. The battery cover, terminal and connecting lead should be clean and intact, free from dirt, corrosion and burns.   Fast fixation The battery should be fixed on the locomotive to avoid strong vibration. It is best to fix it firmly with rubber, felt, etc. Otherwise, the battery will be easily shaken and loosened during the running of the locomotive, causing the plates, insulating plates and wires to loosen or the shell to break.  Add electrolyte. After adding electrolyte, the new battery should stand for 4~8 hours before recharging, so that the electrolyte can soak the electrode plate and it is also easy to cool. When preparing electrolyte, it is strictly forbidden to pour water into sulfuric acid. Only pour sulfuric acid into water to avoid explosion and burn people.  The air hole is unblocked. The air hole on the liquid injection cover should be kept unblocked, otherwise, the increase of the air pressure in the battery will cause the battery shell and the battery cover to burst.   Keep the voltage battery voltage per cell should not be lower than 1.7 volts, let alone discharge the power, pay more attention in winter to prevent the electrolyte from freezing and damaging the battery.   Strictly prevent grounding. It is strictly forbidden to put metal objects or tools on the battery cover. When disassembling, the ground wire of the battery should be removed first, and the opposite is the case when installing.   Discharge carefully. The battery must not be discharged violently. The interval between two starts should be greater than 2 minutes. The preheating time using the glow plug should not exceed 40 seconds.   Do not cut off work When the generator is working, it is not allowed to cut off the wiring with the battery.   Liquid level check Always check the electrolyte level. The electrolyte should be 10~15mm higher than the upper part of the electrode plate. If it is insufficient, add clean distilled water. It is absolutely forbidden to add river water, spring water, well water and tap water.   To keep the locomotive in a scientific way, the battery should be removed, stored indoors, and recharged regularly, preferably once a month to prevent the plate from vulcanizing, and the grounding wire should be removed. Do not stack sundries, tools, etc. on the battery cover, and often use 20% alkaline water to clean the cover to keep it clean and dry.
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