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by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-03
The ministry will soon start for lead-acid battery recycling ( Secondary lead) The special environmental protection inspection activity of industry. Not through the verification of enterprise environmental protection, in areas such as credit, export, refinancing face many restrictions, may even be shut down. Although the lead-acid battery industry from the environmental & other; Clean up & throughout; , but there are still a part of the personage inside course of study points out, lead-acid battery occupy the bigger market share, at present in China is still in the short term it is difficult to be replaced; Under the circumstances of the reorganization of the lead-acid battery in industry, especially the state of all the policies and the upcoming new energy vehicles, lithium battery industry will emerge more development opportunities. It is understood that at least a lead-acid battery enterprises investment of 5 million yuan to the technological transformation of the funds. Restricted by reconstruction funds, the lead-acid battery enterprise quantity is expected from the original 2000 fell to about 500, capacity could be reduced by 10% ~ 30%. Lead-acid battery low cost, simple in operation and maintenance, recyclable, recycling utilization rate can reach 95%, the market in our country has a very big development space, such as some of the construction of the enterprise now portable energy storage station, mainly use photovoltaic power generation, in order to lead acid battery and lithium battery energy storage.
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