Consequences of long-term use of batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-13

   When the ammeter pointer shows that the battery capacity is insufficient, charge it in time. The storage capacity of the battery can be reflected on the dashboard. Sometimes it is found that there is not enough electricity on the road and the engine can no longer be turned off. As a temporary measure, you can turn to other vehicles, start the vehicle with the battery on the vehicle, and connect the negative and negative terminals of the two batteries. The positive electrode is connected to the positive electrode. If the battery is not used for a long period of time, it will slowly self-discharge until it is scrapped. 'Therefore, the car should be started every once in a while to charge the battery.

   Another way is to unplug the two electrodes on the battery. It should be noted that unplug the positive and negative wires from the pole, or remove the connection between the negative pole and the chassis of the car. Then use the plus or minus sign to remove the other end (+), the battery has a certain service life, and it will be replaced at a certain time. 'The same order should be followed when changing, but when connecting the electrode wires, the order is exactly the opposite, first positive, then negative.

The density of    electrolyte should be adjusted in accordance with the standards according to different regions and seasons. When the electrolyte is insufficient, distilled water or special supplement should be added. Do not use pure water. As the purified water contains a variety of trace elements, the battery will be adversely affected. When starting the car, uninterrupted use of the starter will cause the battery to be damaged due to over-discharge. 'The correct use does not exceed 5 seconds for each start, and no less than 15 seconds between each restart. When the car does not start multiple times, the reason should be found from other aspects such as the circuit, the ignition coil, and the oil circuit.

  'During daily driving, the small holes on the battery cover should always be checked for ventilation. If the small holes on the battery cover are blocked, the generated hydrogen and oxygen cannot be discharged. When the electrolyte expands, it will damage the battery casing and affect the battery life. Check the positive and negative levels of the Panasonic battery for signs of oxidation. You can use hot water and often pour a few bottles to connect the wires.

   Battery electrolyte density control: The electrolyte density has an impact on the quality of the electrode plates. When the density is high, when the electrode plate is immersed in acid, a thick lead sulfate layer will be formed on the surface of the electrode plate, which will increase the electric energy required for the formation process and increase the time. When the density is low, the conductivity of the initial electrolyte decreases after acid leaching, and the diffusion rate of sulfuric acid in the depth of the electrode plate is reduced, which makes it difficult to transform the lead paste in the electrode plate, which intensifies the hydrolysis and gas precipitation, and reduces the current efficiency. . Increase energy consumption and formation time. Therefore, during the formation of the battery, the structure improvement should control the density of the converted electrolyte. Contact: 18038382979


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