Configuration measurement of UPS battery capacity

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-08

Configuration calculation of ups battery capacity

People understand that the specific volume of rechargeable batteries is related to the size of the charge and discharge current, working temperature, and new and old rechargeable batteries. There is no way to accurately measure the capacity.

Assuming that the whole process of charging and discharging is constant output power charging and discharging, (UPS power is stable, although the high efficiency of the inverter power supply is changing, but it is convenient to measure and ignore), in the original charge and discharge , The rechargeable battery has high working voltage and small charge and discharge current. At this time, the high efficiency of the inverter power supply is also high. Conversely, when charging and discharging are stopped, the operating voltage of the battery is low, and the amount of charging and discharging current is large. In other words, the amount of current has changed during the whole process of charging and discharging. According to the charging and discharging characteristic curve of the battery, different charging and discharging currents will lead to different operating voltages at the end of the battery. The calculation of the building engineering design formula is:

P is the client power (VA) of the UPS, and COS is the power factor of the customer's load. ISUPS inverter power supply has high efficiency, N is the number of batteries, E is the working voltage of battery charging and discharging, which can be set to 12V.

After obtaining the amount of current, itah obtains the required time according to the applicable time required by the customer, and then changes it according to the charging and discharging characteristic curve or characteristic diagram.

Don't just charge the ups battery, it is not clear how to charge and discharge immediately, let alone how to charge and discharge properly. In fact, correcting UPSups power battery charging, charging and discharging is a key step in the good maintenance of UPS switching power supply. If you pay attention to the battery charging and not paying attention to charging and discharging, the UPS switching power supply will produce severe blows anytime and anywhere. UPS batteries of lead-acid batteries are generally life-span conditions. If people don't know their charging and discharging status, it will cause serious harm to electricity. In summary, people should take effective measures to avoid the deep charging and discharging of UPS batteries. After all, if they are frequently charged and discharged, the number of battery cycles will be greatly shortened. Although there are many famous brands of UPS batteries that have excessive charging and discharging maintenance functions, if low Load charging and discharging or even no-load charging and discharging, especially when it is very easy to cause deep charging and discharging. If the UPS battery has a deep charge and discharge, then people must charge the battery at least 12 hours, which is convenient for greatly reducing the high efficiency of the UPS battery.

Put the UPS battery once every three months to ensure that the service life of the UPS battery is not easily discounted. In order to reasonably increase the service life of the UPS, people must pay attention to the charging and discharging of the battery to ensure that the UPS battery is in a high-efficiency work attitude from beginning to end. The charging and discharging operation steps are the main process is to connect the output end of the boosting switching power supply to 50% of the load, and then turning off the sales market switching power supply, so that the boosting switching power supply is in charge and discharge conditions. During the whole process of charging and discharging the terminal voltage, once the working voltage of the terminal device is found to be up and down, the boosting switching power supply is connected to the boosting battery 10 hours up and down, so that the theme activity of raising the battery will not be harmed.

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