Compared with batteries, are lithium batteries more suitable for the electric vehicle industry?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-25
The night of August 12, 2015 was lit up by the fire that burst into the sky, but people’s hot hearts were buried in a thick layer of smoke. The death of Tianjin brought us great sadness, but at the same time, should we reflect on the safety issues behind the explosion? For this explosion problem, the electric vehicle industry has also occurred many times, and the real cause is the explosion of the battery. If an electric vehicle with a battery technology that does not meet the standard is put on the market, it is like putting a time bomb around the people. There are roughly two types of batteries used in electric vehicles, namely lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries. The change process of lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries Lead-acid batteries have always been an indispensable part of the development history of electric vehicles. During this period, he experienced the whole process of electric vehicles from silence to prosperity. However, due to the current recession in the electric vehicle industry, coupled with the meager profit, the electric vehicle industry has begun to seek new energy batteries, and lithium batteries have entered this industry. The main reasons why people choose lithium batteries are their long cycle life, smooth discharge platform, high voltage and high energy density of a single battery, that is, the battery is relatively light. Weaknesses and strengths coexist, safety performance is restricted. When everyone is rushing to choose lithium batteries, I wonder if they have considered its safety performance. Although the lithium battery has a long environmental protection life and can reduce the burden on electric vehicles, there is often a snake-like heart hidden under the perfect appearance. Regardless of its price is several times that of lead-acid batteries, the safety factor alone is much lower than that of lead-acid batteries. The chemical properties of lithium metal are very active, which makes the processing, storage and use of lithium metal have very high environmental requirements, and in lithium-ion batteries, the most dangerous is the intermediate organic electrolyte solvent, which uses flammable ether When the battery is short-circuited for any reason, the energy in the battery will be released in the form of heat in a short period of time, igniting these ethers as solvents, causing an explosion. Although lithium batteries have the advantages that batteries do not have, lead batteries have a long history in the electric vehicle industry, with mature production and formation processes, easy maintenance, recyclable, low cost, low price, simple technology, and most importantly, high safety performance. These are beyond the reach of lithium batteries. The times are advancing, as if high-tech and new energy can meet everyone's current needs. Therefore, people blindly pursue and demand, so that they are blinded by interests and cannot see the essence of the problem, but don't forget that safety is always more than everything. Only with safety can we talk about high technology and new energy. In order to prevent the history of disaster from repeating itself, whether it is a company or an individual, please check the quality mark. Only in this way, the scars on our soul will not be uncovered again and again. May the dead rest in peace and the living will be well!
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