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by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-18
Lead-acid battery in communication industry mainly use standby power supply in mobile base station, in the power industry is mainly used in power plants, substation protection and the control of dc power supply system of backup power supply for the power and energy storage power, the product category is fixed type valve control type sealed maintenance-free lead-acid batteries. Therefore, the communication power of the electric power industry market demand and communication with lead-acid battery of investment scale are inseparable. Globally, the financial crisis led to telecommunications equipment investment plunged nearly 9% in 2009, the decline trend in 2010 along with the improvement of the situation has been preliminary control market. Global telecoms equipment investment to achieve $802 billion in 2010, and 2009 were little changed. LTE and broadband network construction is the main cause of future telecommunication equipment investment increase. “ Five-year & throughout; During our country's information technology related investment total 2. 1 trillion, 400 billion a year on average. Investment scope covers 3 g and LTE, broadband upgrade and FTTx construction, triple play, Internet of things application and mobile Internet. Among them, the communication related industry investment is projected at around $300 billion, including wireless network investment ( 3G/4G) The flat, or a small growth. Broadband investment growth is the most determined, annual growth is expected to more than 20%. Therefore, the domestic telecommunication industry demand for valve control type sealed lead acid battery will be steady growth. Promulgated by the China electricity council of China power industry & other; Five-year & throughout; Planning research report, 2015 Suggestions to electric power planning goal is: the national power capacity reach 14. About 3. 7 billion kilowatts, grew by an average of 8. 5%. The country's 110 kv and above line up to 1. 33 million km, 5. 6 billion kva substation capacity; Suggestions aim is: in 2020 the national power capacity reach 18. About 8. 5 billion kilowatts, grew by an average of 5. 6%; The country's 110 kv and above line up to 1. 76 million km, 7. 9 billion kva substation capacity. According to the national grid planning, & other; Five-year & throughout; National grid will invest 500 billion yuan to build connection big energy base and the main load center & other Three horizontal and three vertical & throughout; The ultra high voltage backbone network frame and 13 back to long branch, engineering, to form the core of the world first-class strong smart grid. The development of power industry, will inevitably lead to the lead-acid battery product demand growth. According to the China electrical equipment industry association lead-acid battery branch of the lead-acid battery industry & other; Five-year & throughout; Development plan in 2009, China telecom, electric power market demand for 18 billion yuan, with the development of telecom 3 g, 4 g system and the development of power generation, power grid construction, the next five years will increase from 1. 5 million to 3 million on the basis of the existing market KVAh market size, about 3 billion yuan of above. By 2015 China will form 21 billion fixed valve control type sealed battery market demand.
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