Common troubleshooting of DC panel battery power supply

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-12

For most small and medium-sized enterprises, open enterprises at work should be closed during work when they first prevent load. For UPS in the Internet room, because most networks work 24 hours a day, UPS must also operate all day long.

Ups power supply maintenance method The use environment of UPS should be well ventilated, which is beneficial to heat pipe heat dissipation and maintains the natural environment clean.

In addition, the management methods of substation equipment (such as load management methods) are key obstacles to the expansion of machinery and equipment. The DC power supply system may be proposed and studied. Observe the display information on the spot and manipulate the control panel to make sure that each graphic display information module on the LCD screen of the switching power supply is in all normal operating conditions, and all the actual operating parameters of the switching power supply are within all normal ranges, and there is no common occurrence in the display information record. Failure and information content.

Such as banknote machines, fluorescent tubes, central air conditioners, etc., to prevent the continuous switching power supply from being destroyed. The output load is controlled by about 60%, which is reliable. UPS with too light load (G.G.1000VA UPS, 100VA load) will cause deep charging and discharging of the battery, thereby reducing the service life of the battery and should be minimized.

Removal of common faults of DC panel battery power supply

The DC panel battery conditioning room often encounters common faults of switching power supply, and is often at a loss. The following is the mechanism of switching power supply Faults, gradually cleared according to the following procedures. Charging method: constant current source is. ? In the beginning, the quota should not exceed the common fault of the pulse width modulation () component. The output of 2 complementary wave forms is different, one causes a long time, the other causes a fast speed, the 2 arms are not balanced in the work, and even the 2 arms cause additional damage .

When typing in the power plug to connect the device and the switch power supply of the big city, the battery was just charged. It is recommended that the device be charged for one hour before application. Connect the key-in power plug of the device to the battery inlet and outlet of the working voltage on the rear panel. Secondly, according to the system software regulations, delay time power supply system time, and calculate the battery configuration. After that, we should pay attention to the application of natural environment, waterproof and natural ventilation, reduce temperature, increase the average working time without problems, and enhance the credibility of the system software. UPS switching power supply should be built in the house, and management methods should be unified. When power projects in big cities are in short supply.

Please turn on the computer and other loads. When the power switch turns off the front load, it is generally recommended not to turn it off to maintain battery charge.

It can immediately show the continuous power supply system for all the machines and equipment of the system software to ensure that the system software is working normally, avoiding staff damage, information confidentiality, and maintenance.

Appropriate charge and discharge will help stimulate the battery, such as the driving force of the long-term uninterrupted sales market, and manually disconnect the charge and discharge of electrical equipment in large cities every three months to increase the battery The useful life.

If the customer is equipped with an extended battery pack, the external charger should have a constant current source and a constant current power source. Do not choose a charger with a constant current source to prevent damage to the battery life.

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