Common problems of electric vehicle battery maintenance and charging

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-15

Frequently asked questions about the maintenance and charging of electric vehicle batteries:

1. Zero start

The word zero start means the electric start immediately when it is stationary. It looks very convenient on the surface, but in fact, it is very harmful to the battery of the battery car. This is because the static starting current is large, the energy consumption is large, and the battery is easily destroyed.

Precautions: To minimize zero start, it is best to use human resources before starting, and then gradually speed up the use of power engineering. Some products also have slow starting or current limiting designs, mainly to maintain rechargeable batteries and Motor. When buying, you can choose an electric car with a slow-start function.

2. Rain

Prevent too much sun, rain, rain, snow and even riding, reduce the driving speed as much as possible, and increase the braking distance on the brake pedal to avoid sideslip And turn the head to prevent serious harm to life safety. Although electric vehicles have good moisture resistance, it must be noted that the aspect ratio cannot exceed the cycle to avoid damage caused by motor leakage.

Precautions: If the immersion accident happens accidentally, please cut off the power immediately, remove the rechargeable battery, and go to the store for repair as soon as possible. Don't use electrical engineering drives until you are finished.

3. Frequent braking

Frequent braking will inevitably start frequently, which will cause the battery to be charged and discharged with high current. Turning off the power will affect its life. Adverse effects.

Precautions: When driving, give safety tips, drive at a medium speed and minimize frequent braking.

4. Tire pressure smoothness and wheel rotation

Tire pressure actually means that people don’t have enough air. Although these two elements seem to have nothing to do with itching, the tires are not full of gas. , May expand the friction resistance of the battery car, which will immediately drive the higher load rate of the motor, and the white power consumption is relatively limited.

Precautions: Fill the tires with gas every time you check the tires, and the wheels rotate smoothly. A small test can make your beautiful car easier to run.

5. Be a 'little nurse' for electric vehicles frequently

In addition to all normal operation methods, maintenance is also very important. Good maintenance will help increase the use of battery cars. For example: often carry out some surface dust removal work, punctually go to the left and right shafts, transmission chain, water pump flywheel and brake pedal line, add lubricating oil, and go to the technical professional repair center on time for repairs.

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