Common problems existing in lead-acid batteries for electric forklifts

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-08

There are many common problems with lead-acid batteries for electric forklifts. Therefore, the common problems caused by this should be immediately taken and effective measures should be taken to eliminate them.

1. Capacity reduction

There are three common problems in reducing the capacity of lead-acid batteries:

One is that the short-circuit capacity cannot be reached, and the other is that the capacity is gradually reduced. , The third is the sudden decrease in capacity.

The reason why the battery cannot reach the short-circuit capacity is that the battery is insufficiently charged after use. Second, the electrolyte density of lithium batteries is slightly lower. Thirdly, the circuit is not smooth and the resistance is very high. Combing the outer wires at this time can reduce the resistance.

The reason for the gradual decrease in battery capacity is: First, the potassium thiocyanate of the electrode plate, at this time, the battery can be charged to remove potassium thiocyanate. The second is that the electrolyte of the lithium battery penetrates into the damage deposit, so that the electrolyte of the lithium battery can be removed. The third is the partial short circuit of the battery, at this time, the common fault of short circuit fault can be eliminated.

The main reason for the sudden drop in bottle capacity is the common failure of internal and external short circuits.

2. Abnormal working standard voltage

There are two abnormal voltages in the battery working standard. One is that the standard voltage is higher when the battery is charging, and the standard voltage is lower when the battery is charging. One is that the open circuit voltage is low when the battery is in use.

Potassium thiocyanate is the main reason for high working standard voltage and rapid reduction of working standard voltage. At the same time, according to the level of potassium thiocyanate, according to the adjustment of hydraulic press concentration value, hydraulic press composition, current, etc., the polar acid industry is eliminated.

The main reasons for the decrease in open circuit voltage during battery use are the insertion error of the single-cell rechargeable battery, the insertion error of all lithium-ion batteries, and the common faults of low-capacity or short-circuit of the single battery. At this time, according to the order of the battery, according to the inspection of the single-bottle operating standard voltage, the consistency between the single electrode and the WeChat group, and the connection between the WeChat group of the battery are perfect.

3. Abnormal smoke appears

There are four kinds of abnormal smoke in the battery, one is smokeless or less smoke in the middle and late stages of battery charging, and the other One is that there is no smoke after the battery is charged.

The reason why there is no or less smoke in the later stage of battery charging is a common fault of battery short circuit. In this case, the common fault location of short circuit can be eliminated.

The main reason why the battery does not smoke after charging is short-circuit failure. In this case, the common fault location of short circuit can be eliminated.

Smoking prematurely while charging the battery, many reasons for smoking are potassium thiocyanate. At this time, potassium thiocyanate can be eliminated.

The main reason for the battery to smoke during the whole process is that the battery will not be idle after charging, that is, the battery is charging, or the lithium battery electrolyte has deposits. At this time, leave the battery idle for about 1 hour to charge the battery, or remove the battery electrolyte.

4. The electrolyte temperature is too high

There are two situations where the electrolyte temperature is too high, one is the abnormal increase of the battery electrolyte level when the normal battery is charged .

When a normal battery is charged, the main reason for the abnormal temperature rise of the electrolyte is that the total flow is large or the internal short-circuit fault is more common. At this time, the current can be adjusted or the common faults of short-circuit faults can be eliminated. The temperature of some companies in the battery is higher than that of other companies, mainly because potassium thiocyanate can eliminate potassium thiocyanate at this time.

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