Common misuses of car battery use, how should the battery be maintained?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-08

Common misuses of car battery use, how should the battery be maintained?

Usually, the battery life of a car is estimated to be 2-3 years. If it is a new car battery, it will take up to three years. However, these data information are only basic theoretical data information. The specific case is that many new car buyers have some misoperations, causing the battery to quickly run out of power.

1. Forget to turn off the air conditioner before turning off the flame.

Most car buyers are accustomed to not turning off the central air conditioner or allowing the central air conditioner to automatically start the car, which will cause the air conditioning unit to ignite every time Automatically start work after switching.

2. Forgetting to turn off the lights and on-board electrical appliances

When parking, forget to turn off the lights on the car. Many new buyers are easy to make mistakes. After the battery runs out overnight, anywhere There will be no electricity, and no car will start. In this case, the standard approval conditions, you can try to charge the battery. If not, the battery must be replaced.

3. Use the car battery to charge other devices after the flame is turned off

The most common is mobile phones or mobile power sources, because after a fire, the car’s generator cannot work and the battery is in a dry state Without battery charging, its capacity reduction is likely to cause the car to fail to start, and excessive charging and discharging will cause great damage to the battery itself.

4. Listen to high-power audio when idling

If your car's speaker system has been modified and installed into a powerful speaker, you need to be careful. Waiting to hear the power of the box will also put a high load on the battery if you are not in a car condition.

5. Frequent startup

Due to driving skills, some buyers take a break in the car, leading to frequent driving. There is also a fire. Some buyers are always on the ignition. In fact, , Ignition time should not exceed three seconds. If the diesel engine is unsuccessful and does not require continuous ignition, it should be ignited after 15 seconds, or the battery often shows strong current to the engine, which will cause its own loss.

How to maintain the battery?

1. Use a damp cloth to clean the battery

Clean the dust, oil, white powder and other dirt on the control panel and column head that may cause leakage. Frequent cleaning of the battery column will not only prevent the white acid corrosion powder from accumulating on it, but also the service life of the battery will be longer than expected.

2. Drive a section of the road every once in a while

If you do not report your work, your car will not be kept for a long time, which will cause difficulty in starting. Even if the car is unusable, it will be turned on for a few days to charge the battery to ensure that the battery is fully charged from beginning to end. However, cars often drive safely near roads, driving and parking, which will lead to long-term insufficient battery charging and shorten the use time. Driving on the highway at a steady speed for 20-30 minutes, you can have plenty of battery time for your car.

3. Foresee the signs of battery replacement

If the car is found to be abnormal the next day, it may also be unable to start due to lack of battery power. Especially in the cold winter, this situation is likely to be misunderstood by most people as the beginning of winter is difficult, but in fact it may also be a sign of battery life.

Another condition is the puzzling dark color of the Great Light Festival, which is also a sign of battery failure. When the car is at standby speed or low speed, it is impossible to fully consider the output power requirements of the car's power machine equipment. The battery-supplied software will be used in the car's power supply system; however, if the current battery is insufficient, there will be no such on-board power supply system , The car will not be famous for its subtle dimming.

4. Check the battery every six months

In order to maintain the best characteristics of the battery, it is best to check the battery at a 4s shop every six months to see how the battery works. Generally, the service life of the battery is about 2-3 years, and the maintenance and good maintenance can exceed 4 years. But the longer the time, the less time it takes to check the battery. Car batteries not only need to display the power engineering of the diesel engine, but also need to supply power for other power machine equipment. As a more sensitive component, we should love it more.

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