Common misunderstandings of using car batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-19

Only by actively grasping the misconceptions in the application of car batteries and preventing misconceptions in the application of car batteries can related damages be avoided. Next, we will explain the misunderstandings in the use of car batteries in batteries.

Common misunderstandings of using car batteries: When using maintenance-free batteries, everyone feels that there is no need for maintenance.

There is no need to solve the erosion problem of the surface layer of the storage battery's electrical column. Erosion produces the outer surface layer, and the inner surface layer is etched under the erosion, and the resistance value increases, which endangers all normal battery rechargeable batteries, and must be properly handled.

When the liquid surface is lower, the electrolyte solution is filled, or mineral water is added to domestic water instead of pure water. If the electrolyte solution containing sulfuric acid is added, the concentration value of the electrolyte solution in the battery will increase, and conditions such as boiling and organic gas will occur, which will seriously endanger the battery life. Use purified drinking water instead of distilled water. The purified water contains a variety of trace elements, which will have a negative impact on the battery.

The relative density of the electrolyte solution is not regularly checked and adjusted. It is very winter, which causes the battery capacity to be insufficient. If you go to the north, it will even cause the electrolyte to freeze.

In winter, when the battery is used for starting, the starter is used uninterruptedly, and the battery is destroyed by charging and discharging.

This is an analysis of the general deviation in the application of car batteries. Generally speaking, the vapor caused in the battery is digested and absorbed during charging and is absorbed by the electrolyte solution, and there is basically no electrolyte. .

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