Common forklift battery problems are imbalance and water loss

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-16

Common forklift battery problems are imbalance and loss of water. The maintenance method of forklift battery imbalance is to find out the imbalance of capacity, working voltage, self-discharge, and battery resistance. Forklift battery loss repair mode is to break the rear cover on the battery. Some rechargeable batteries are covered with immune glue and some rechargeable batteries are connected with dark buttons. Some of the forklift batteries are dual-whip type. This reminds us that when you see the 6-valve vulcanized rubber cover, open the vulcanized rubber cover, and open the vent, you can see the inside of the rechargeable battery according to the vent, do not damage the back cover.

In the case of not opening the vulcanized rubber automatic exhaust valve base, you can unscrew the automatic exhaust valve of some rechargeable batteries. The automatic exhaust valve seat of the base rubber can be unscrewed. Some rechargeable batteries also have some padding around the vulcanized rubber cover. Open the lid with a flashlight to see if the inside of the hole is dry, that is, if the battery is short of water. The electrodes of the rechargeable battery are wrapped with silver-white glass wool and should be wet under all normal conditions. Use a burette to absorb pure water and introduce it into the rechargeable battery. Cover the vent with a breathable obstruction to prevent dust from falling into the vent. If the battery of a forklift is short of water, people use the second pure water of medical equipment to replenish water and maintain water. If it is not enough, you can add a lot of acid, which will result in enough acid.

If you don’t have work experience in each hole, you can grab 5ml. It must be checked in the case of water. The actual effect of releasing water is moist, bright, watery, and moist. It is correct, brighter, and too much water. Forklift batteries may also be damaged in the cold winter. Because of the organic chemistry of forklift batteries, under ultra-low temperature conditions, forklift batteries generally cannot release all the normal use of electricity to reduce the use time. At low operating temperatures, charging and discharging will cause the battery to freeze, causing the battery plate to swell, break, the rechargeable battery case, and other irreparable damage. Even the freezing of the lithium battery electrolyte can cause problems such as battery charging damage.

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