Common faults of battery

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-21
The first is the most common phenomenon of battery vulcanization. We have already mentioned the reasons for battery vulcanization in our previous articles. We will not elaborate here. The remedial measures are to be repaired with a battery repairer.   The second type is a short circuit inside the battery. If the battery is short-circuited, the performance is: when charging, the battery terminal voltage is very low, close to zero; there are few or no bubbles at the end of charging; the electrolyte temperature rises quickly during charging, the density rises slowly, or even does not rise; the battery open circuit voltage is low , It drops to the termination voltage prematurely during discharge; self-discharge is serious. Treatment method: replace the partition, remove the sediment and conductive objects.   The third type is the premature and excessive shedding of the active material on the plate. There is a problem with the active material of a battery, which is manifested as: the battery capacity is reduced; the electrolyte is turbid; there are too many sediments. What caused the active substance to fall off? The reasons are: the electrolyte does not meet the standard; the charging and discharging are too frequent or overcharged and over-discharged; the electrolyte temperature is too high during charging; and the external circuit is short-circuited during discharging.
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