Common faults and treatment methods of electric forklift batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-20

  Henan battery manufacturer

   Electric forklift battery is a necessary part of the forklift, and its use is also the most frequent, but due to various reasons, it will cause different problems. The following Tianwei Power will discuss common faults and causes.

  The battery power of the forklift is insufficient, which is usually caused by the blockage of the battery electrodes due to incorrect charging and discharging. At this time, we should stop using the forklift and place the telegraph pole on the unloading pile to completely discharge it. Then plug in the power supply and the charger.

   The battery of the forklift truck cannot be charged, and the battery is displayed as 0. This time, be careful. Take out the power supply first and leave it in the open air for about an hour to release the static electricity. If not, you need professional tools to open the battery case, take out the obviously swollen battery, and then connect the remaining batteries in turn. Therefore, we will find that the battery can be recharged and used again.

   There is spark in the forklift battery, this situation should be stopped immediately, check whether the positive and negative poles of the battery are connected, then wipe the battery with a clean rag and check whether there are exposed wires It needs to be replaced immediately. If the cause is not checked, it needs to be checked and repaired immediately. Contact: 18038382979


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