Colloidal battery will be upgrade - of lead-acid batteries-Power Kingdom

by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-14
In our country is one of the world the production and use of battery power, storage battery industry is one of the important pillar industry in China, 1 in total output. Around 2 trillion. Lead-acid battery there are environmental pollution, low storage capacity is not stable, durability, security no guarantee and a series of problems to be solved, has been the social focus. Countries in & other; 11th five-year plan & throughout; And & other Five-year & throughout; Plan explicitly pointed out that silicone gel battery will be an upgraded version of lead-acid batteries. Start type colloid is sealed lead-acid batteries with water soluble silica sol after joining internalized into cells, through the specific way of charging, the gel electrolyte, improves the performance of the battery. This product by the national authoritative organization detect, part of the index is higher than the national standard. Experts believe: start type colloid sealed lead-acid batteries is mainly used in car starting, the technology can also be used in the field of energy storage and so on, belong to the new energy industry, reduce the pollution to the environment, accord with national industrial policy, its technology has reached the leading domestic level, has a good prospect of popularization and application, after the industrialization is expected to achieve better economic and social benefits.
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