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by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-14
In many outdoor type marginal base station, began extensive use of gel battery as the foundation guarantee power supply. In recent years, with the growing demand for customer communication and service level of ascension and mobile communication network to the country quickly. Due to the type of base station is completely exposed in the wild, found in the maintenance practice, under the environment of high temperature in the south, gel battery will appear shell bulge phenomenon, the battery life and have great influence the reliability of communication power supply. The analysis of the causes of colloidal battery ballooning gel battery electrolyte based on colloidal solidification in the battery group of positive and negative plate and baffle plate, the electrolyte flow, is under the environment of high temperature cycle using high reliability, high charging efficiency, long life and other advantages, in the aspect of saving energy, reducing pollution at the same time also has a significant advantage. Found in the maintenance practice, gel battery in about six months after installation, individual ballooning gel battery shell is very serious, the sidewalls of the battery shell and cover all have different degrees of ballooning; Relief valve discharge is very obvious, the battery cover surface acid trace distribution centered on the relief valve is basically & other; Jet & throughout; Shape; Battery leakage caused by battery CangCang body corrosion; The relief valve opening crack. From the scene of the maintenance records and case analysis, the causes of this phenomenon has the following several aspects: one, the relief valve exhaust. Relief valve have a function to adjust the air pressure inside the cell, under normal circumstances should be able to release the internal gas in time. Gel battery at the beginning of the use, because the internal battery electrolyte comparison & other; Rich & throughout; , the large amount of gas evolution in the process of charging. If relief valve problems make poor exhaust, when the battery in the charging process of large amount of gas evolution to a certain extent, will be for & other; Bilge gas & throughout; Lead to shell bulge, even in the relief valve opening cracks. Second, switching power supply system of storage battery management program chip parameters design and the use of gel battery characteristics. By comparing the ballooning battery site parameter Settings and switch power supply not ballooning battery switch power supply parameters Settings, find battery ballooning site of switching power supply manufacturers in order to let the battery charge, design the function of stream are filling ( The charging is completed with a small current to continue again to the battery) 。 When the batteries are charging flow down to 10 ma/Ah transition conditions, all failed to convert to the floating program, but also to stream all charge ( Postproduction phase in high temperature environment are the current rebound may increase, stream are filling time is commonly 4 to 10 hours) 。 Combined with outdoor base station power supply conditions, frequent power outages, certainly will cause switching power supply are filled every time the battery charging, also accelerate the battery electrode corrosion rate and water loss, high temperature lead to battery shell bulge. Three, colloid battery temperature sensing line is not access, cause temperature 40 ℃ when the system cannot be achieved from both filling to floating conversions. Under the environment of high temperature, temperature compensation function failure, in fact is to raise the total float charging voltage, the battery pack this directly lead to the end of the battery charging current not reduce, it will make the charging current multiplied number increased, and continue to affect battery internal analysis and hot gas, exacerbating colloid the electrolysis of water and electrolyte battery from ballooning. Four, battery ventilation is poor. Battery cabinet design by fully considering anti-theft security, and lead to the battery pack of ventilation and natural cooling ability is poor, the temperature of the produced in the process of charging the battery pack can not get timely diffusion, it also has certain influence in battery shell bulge. Watch solution together next time.
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