Colloidal battery - a variety of purposes-Power Kingdom

by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-14
Colloidal battery and can be used for a variety of purposes, such as: telecommunications, power generation, power distribution, remote control and traffic engineering, security of electricity supply, data engineering system, alarm signals and security lighting, etc. 1, using solid gel electrolytes. Under the same volume, large capacity of electrolyte, heat capacity, heat dissipation ability strong, can avoid battery are prone to thermal runaway phenomenon. 's ability to adapt to the environment temperature ( High and low temperature) To be strong. 2, internal without free fluid, without the possibility of internal short circuit. 3, electrolyte concentration is low, weak of corrosion on the plate; Uniform concentration, there is no acid stratification phenomenon. 4, with no antimony alloy battery plates, the battery self-discharge rate is extremely low, below 20 degrees Celsius battery storage should be added two years not electricity. 5, the sliding sealing technology. 6, discharge capacity and cycle discharge ability for a long time. 7, using high sensitivity low pressure umbrella valve ( Germany sunshine company patent) , no drainage ballooning phenomenon. 8, super deep under large current discharge capacity and discharge, charge and over discharge protection. Colloidal battery is fixed the electrolyte in the colloid closed valve control type lead-acid rechargeable battery.
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