Colloid lead-acid battery charging in a certain way -Power Kingdom

by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-13
Start type colloid lead-acid battery is to use water soluble silica sol after joining internalized into cells, through the specific way of charging, the gel electrolyte, improves the performance of the battery. In recent years, with the domestic electric moped market competition intensifying, as the core components of lead-acid battery for electric vehicles due to the increasingly serious phenomenon of homogeneity, already cannot satisfy the high-end brand electric car manufacturer and dealer's market demand. To this, through market research, and put forward the & other Eliminate the homogeneity and find differentiation & throughout; The development of the strategy. Energy storage device is a important part of the national new energy revolution policy, for energy saving and emission reduction, regional energy security without, smart grid can not do without. The expert thinks: start type colloid sealed lead-acid batteries is mainly used in car starting, the technology can also be used in the field of energy storage and so on, belong to the new energy industry, reduce the pollution to the environment, accord with national industrial policy, its technology has reached the leading domestic level. Start type colloid lead-acid batteries, caused a number of well-known domestic electric moped vehicle manufacturer and dealer's high attention.
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