Clean environmental protection - will develop into a new energy storage battery direction

by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-16
On August 27, 2014 the sixth China battery technology innovation ( Shanghai) BBS. The 6th international battery industry exhibition on August 26 solstice 28, was held in Shanghai, too. Organizers, exhibition attracted the Chinese, American, Japanese, Korean and so on more than 30 countries more than 500 enterprises. In the new energy vehicles attention under the background of high attention, including lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries, the battery industry by capital. In the first half of this year, China's new energy vehicle production to achieve 10 times the growth, the corresponding battery market have been pulled. Reporters in an interview with survey found that the battery industry to develop reusable, clean environmental protection battery quite unified, but in specific technical route selection in different directions, will be many possible of Chinese battery industry innovation. New energy battery strategy clear macro policy level of new energy development strategy under the battery industry policy orientation has been very clear. Recent reports that, in order to promote the development of new energy automobile industry in our country, miit will organize to formulate power battery development ideas, and is expected to be from the industrial policy, financial subsidies, tax incentives and other aspects give great support. Other national or local positive policies have been introduced. In may this year, Shanghai issued 'Shanghai interim regulations to encourage the purchase and use of new energy cars, specifically, production enterprise each power battery recycling a set of new energy cars, 1000 yuan in Shanghai. Battery technology innovation BBS on 27th, all think both theoretical circle and the industrial development of new energy battery is the only way for countries to carry out the strategy of new energy. Member of Chinese Academy of Sciences, he say, develop & other; + pumped storage hydropower, wind power and solar energy power station & throughout; Completely thoroughly solve the problem of current China's energy is the only choice. Battery industry need to get the corresponding development, including new energy car battery energy storage batteries, etc. In fact, the current domestic field of new energy battery has achieved rapid development. In the first half of this year, according to data from the ministry of lithium ion battery industry in China, Including battery, anode materials, membrane, electrolyte and special equipment, etc. ) Stable development, the industry output value is close to 40 billion yuan, the industrial structure and new technology application window. A variety of technical route are likely in the industry as a whole under the condition of the boom, the industry a variety of technical route, the breeding industry of a variety of possible. China securities journal reporter in an interview with survey found that as a mature technology of lead-acid battery still seek to expand the space in the market, despite booming part compression lithium-ion batteries, but mature and stable technology and the increasing environmental protection standards, has brought in the industry leading enterprises development opportunities. Attend trade shows for the listed company science and technology, said the fierce lion lead-acid battery operation stability, security is relatively good, the industry doesn't need to worry about the extrusion of lithium-ion batteries, at present, the company sufficient lead-acid battery order. Shanghai hai bao special power supply co. , LTD. , chairman of Shen Weixin argues that after consolidation, the development of the lead-acid battery industry has become more reasonable, but the industry still needs to keep in environment protection, such as licensing, the rapid development of the industry still faces multiple problems. Aside from the battery type, only in the field of lithium ion battery has multiple technical route. Shanghai jiaotong university professor Yang Li analysis thinks, at present in the field of lithium battery technology, from the lithium ion battery anode materials are and battery electrolyte ways, such as at home and abroad have multiple technical route. In his view, the technical route of highlighting diversity is conducive to innovation. This is also verified in the industry. To exhibitors zhejiang JuHua blue kay new materials co. , LTD. , for example, companies, has successfully developed six lithium fluoride phosphate electrolyte, high quality quality is expected to catch up with the industry's leading manufacturers abroad. It is understood that the electrolyte to make sure that the battery will not deformation under high temperature cycle test. In addition, the company is working on the lithium battery electrolyte containing fluorine additives, is expected to achieve better effect
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