Chinese scientists to promote solar cells such as photoelectric conversion efficiency to find new ways to -Power Kingdom

by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-30
From China's jilin university scientific research team in two-dimensional semiconductor materials to achieve new progress in light physical mechanism, to improve solar cells such as photoelectric conversion efficiency found a new way. This results in the recently published in the international famous academic periodicals of the journal nature communications. In recent years, both has extreme physical thickness, similar to that of the graphene and graphene is missing the direct band gap of semiconductor band structure of two-dimensional monolayer materials & ndash; — Transition metal chalcogenide monolayer, the family showed abundant light than graphene physical characteristics, in the field of energy conversion and storage of a thin and flexible received widespread attention. Jilin university of electronic science and engineering college integrated optoelectronics hong-bo sun - national key joint laboratory Hai-yu wang scientific research team and professor at the national university of Singapore, imperial college London and other units cooperation, discovered by molybdenum disulfide monolayer high-energy hot carrier in this materials to generate new approaches and extraction efficiency, associated with deep understanding of light physical picture and the work mechanism of two-dimensional device provides a rational explanation, at the same time also to improve the two-dimensional semiconductor materials in the energy conversion efficiency solar cells and other optoelectronic applications provide a new revelation. It is understood that in represented by solar photovoltaic applications, the photoelectric conversion efficiency is one of the most important indicator. In traditional by the body in the material of the preparation of semiconductor photovoltaic devices, by Yu Guangsheng hot carrier is extremely fast relaxation by emitting phonons manner to the bottom of the band, unable to effectively utilize heat generated in the process, which in theory high photoelectric conversion efficiency of solar cell will be limited to around 31%; If you can use some characteristics of the materials to fully slow cooling process of hot carrier, make the hot carrier can be extracted before relaxation to the bottom of the band, is theoretically possible to highest double photoelectric conversion efficiency of photovoltaic devices.
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