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by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-29
On February 25, China southern airlines flight to Shanghai from guangzhou when boarding, rack is on fire. As a passenger with charging treasure smoke fire. Involved the passenger was taken away by the police investigation, the flight change planes and execution unit. After the incident, spontaneous combustion of flight safety problem of nature is the first. Before, samsung Note7 phone explosion problem once civil aviation authorities to make not promised samsung Note7 cell phone ban to carry on. So, if we can give undifferentiated mass, mixed charge under a similar ban? I'm afraid that isn't real. From a security perspective, since using lithium battery, it is prohibited to carry is the best treatment method. Electrical appliances such as charging treasure, however, because of the widely used, are forbidden to take the plane can bring a lot of passengers travel inconvenience, and if charging treasure are forbidden, mobile phone do you want to ban? Charging treasure with lithium batteries, cell phone use is also a lithium-ion batteries, the security risks they face is not much different. Don't let the shoddy, computer may be an alternative treatment method. Problem is that the airlines and airports are not professional, they are also difficult to judge what kind of charging treasure is bad, what kind of charging treasure is safe. See a brand? Brands are not safety guarantee, such as samsung, explosive of its battery still happen, so the best way to prevent or improve the safety of the lithium battery, this needs from the production enterprise to common locked up safety regulators, these basic work cannot expect at the gate. In the southern of the danger, because disposal timely and professional, danger is not bigger disasters. But beyond the far beyond the impact of the incident plane. With the application of lithium batteries widely, and public life closely, have reached the point where they are everywhere. It is a matter of flight safety on the plane, a change of scene, it may also be related to the personal safety of home. Need someone to remind the public, also need a bit more professional knowledge to prevent. Fire problem, for example, there are some netizen stewardess with mineral water, fire and other It's not professional & throughout; And some question isn't there a fire extinguisher on the plane. After professional explanation, the public to recognize the truth. For lithium battery on the plane how to put out the fire, the civil aviation administration of standard operation is recommended to dispose of the sprinkler as emergency first, because it can eliminate the fire, but also has certain cooling effect. That is to say, the flight attendant is not only with water, and it is the best solution, the stewardess in the catering services at any time, so use mineral water can be said to be the fastest, the most effective methods of disposal. Netizens said the & other; Use foam extinguisher & throughout; , it is extremely dangerous operation, because of the jet bubble adhesion formation on the fringes of the battery thermal insulation, thereby increasing chemical reaction, generate more heat. Through such misgivings process, lithium battery fire knowledge got more popular, it is the accident outside the windfall. Don't look down upon the scientific process, it may play a role in critical moment. The danger is usually easy to ignore the problems exposed, charging treasure, now basically is family standard. Have high low price, quality, use has great randomness, has put in bed charge, with optional litter the place. How to carry what use is safe, not easy to cause problems? A rack, a charge the spontaneous combustion was found timely disposal in time to avoid the greater disaster, but the home charging treasure, is often in the case of no concern to deposit, the placement of its environmental security? Whether the public s such disposal ability, it is really a problem.
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