Charging process of forklift battery

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-17

If there is a cover or other covering on the battery shell of the forklift, it must be removed or opened before charging to ensure that the combustible gas generated when the battery is charged can be completely released. The battery charging room should be naturally ventilated, and an exhaust fan should be installed in the indoor battery charging room. The charging process of the forklift battery is as follows:

1. Unplug the battery cable and the plug connection of the electric forklift cable.

2. Open the back cover of the battery and measure the relative density of the battery electrolyte. If the relative density of the battery electrolyte is less than 1.13kg, the battery has been over-discharged (the depth of discharge is greater than 80%) and you should remind Users prevent multiple occurrences and reduce the service life of rechargeable batteries.

3. Accurately measure the electrolyte temperature of the battery. If it exceeds 45°C, wait for the battery to cool down before proceeding to the next step.

4. Connect the power plug between the battery and the charger cable. If you configure trakair (air disturbance system), make sure the air duct is connected. For example, the automatic drainage system software is configured to connect to a water pipe.

5. Turn on the battery charging power switch of the battery charger, only the battery is charged.

6. After the battery is charged, first store the battery charger switch power supply, and then peel off the battery and battery charger cable power plug connection.

7. The bottle with the automatic water-wet filling system software is connected to the faucet plug of the water pipe, and the plug is pulled out after completion.

8. In the absence of fully automatic or fully automatic battery charging system software, the liquid level ratio of the lithium-ion battery after charging, such as lower than the allowable aspect ratio (lower than the discharge plug) The level gauge should be filled with the required pure water or double steam water (at least 1-2 cm above the 0-plug position), but should not be filled with micro-credible acid.

9. The battery must be discharged after charging. The discharge before the battery is charged will cause the acid to overflow when the battery is charged.

10. Finally, the electric forklift can be used by connecting the rechargeable battery and the cable plug of the electric vehicle.

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