Charging method of single lead-acid battery

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-18
Label: The capacity and life of sealed lead-acid batteries are affected by parameters such as charging voltage and ambient temperature. Therefore, an important principle for using this type of battery is to use the correct charging method. The charging method depends on the state of the battery. There are usually two states, namely, CYCLIC USE (as the main power supply) and FLOAT USE (as a backup power supply). The corresponding charging method is shown in the following table (C in the table is the battery) Rated capacity): charging method\application cycle use floating charge use constant voltage charging charging voltage range 6V battery: 7.25-7.45V 12V battery: 14.5-14.9V initial current (A): ≤0.30, the best 0.10 charging voltage range 6V battery : 6.8-6.9V 12V battery: 13.6-13.8V 2V battery: 2.23-2.28V Initial current (A): ≤0.30, the best 0.10 The charging voltage in the above table refers to the ambient temperature of 25 ℃, when the ambient temperature is larger When changing, the charging voltage should be adjusted accordingly. The method is: for every 1°C increase in the ambient temperature, the charging voltage will decrease by 0.003V/cell; for every 1°C drop in the ambient temperature, the charging voltage will increase by 0.003V/cell; if the temperature changes more than 10℃, without correcting the float voltage, it may cause damage to the battery. The working environment temperature of the battery should be controlled within the range of 20-25℃ (it is recommended to install in an air-conditioned room). Note: The rated voltage of a sealed lead-acid battery is 2V, a 6V battery is composed of 3 cells in series, and a 12V battery is composed of 6 cells in series.
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