Characteristics of gel batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-16

The difference between colloidal batteries and conventional lead-acid batteries:

The most important characteristics of colloidal batteries are as follows:

The internal structure of colloidal batteries is mainly SiO2 porous network structure. There are many small gaps, which can successfully convert the oxygen in the battery from the negative electrode film to the negative electrode film.

The amount of acid required by the gel battery is very large, so its volume is basically the same as that of the AGM battery.

The internal resistance of the colloidal battery is very large, and it does not have good high-current discharge characteristics.

The heat is dispersed, it is not easy to heat up, and the probability that the heat cannot be controlled is not high;

The installation of the battery should meet the requirements of the installation equipment, and the footing should be used to maintain the level of the battery rack.

The pavement or switching power supply cabinet equipped with batteries should have sufficient load-bearing capacity.

Rechargeable battery connection

Before installation, check all single batteries and rechargeable batteries to see if damage is mandatory and to ensure rotation accuracy.

Put down the connector.

Connect the lithium battery pack to the charging head according to the appropriate optical rotation. The charging head must be cut off during the whole process and cannot be connected to the load (positive pole).

When loading and unloading conductive lines, special tools with insulating tapes should be used to install or transport rechargeable batteries with insulating gloves, hood and goggles. The rechargeable batteries can avoid impact, and can’t shake the end posts and safety Auto exhaust valve. It is forbidden to place special tools, dirt or other conductive objects on the rechargeable battery.

Line terminal lines or non-solid connection stains will cause the rechargeable battery to be ignited. Therefore, maintain the terminal line in the cleaning connection and twist the special type of connection cable to make the twisting distance reach the specified value. Causes ground stress on the wiring terminal distortion.

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