Causes of premature damage to lead-acid maintenance-free batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-10

Causes likely to cause premature damage to lead-acid maintenance-free batteries

1. Lead-acid maintenance-free batteries are unstable in fixing, driving leads to strong vibration, sealant cracking, maintenance-free battery shell and cover Cracking, cracking of rod and joint plate.

2. The lead-acid maintenance-free battery poles and clamps are installed too loosely. Too tight leads to disassembly of the drum clamps, and too loose leads to loosening of the combustion poles.

3. Long-term continuous use of starters, lead-acid maintenance-free batteries without large-scale charging and discharging, resulting in extreme bends and decreased active materials.

4. When the liquid level is too low, part of the exposed liquid level is exposed to the gas, and the air is obviously oxidized, and part of the air oxidation electrode is in contact with the lithium battery electrolyte. When the car is driving, the electrolyte of the lithium battery can deteriorate and corrode the components.

5. The lead-acid battery is not maintained and the battery is charged enough for a long time, which will make the plate vulcanized rubber, which cannot be reduced.

6. The generator set controller is invalid, which causes the battery to be overcharged, and the active material on the electrode plate drops rapidly.

7. When adding pure water or pure water to the lithium battery electrolyte, a metal container should be used. There are residues in the electrolyte of lithium batteries, which will cause some self-charging and discharging, but the battery cannot guarantee the power state.

8. In winter, after the maintenance-free battery is charged and discharged, the lead-acid battery will not be charged immediately, and the relative density of the lithium battery electrolyte is too low and freezing.

Normal use and care of the battery:

(1) If the battery is not needed for a long time, the battery must be sufficient to store and discharge its battery, and Be sure to charge at least 24 hours every three months.

(2) The battery must be charged in a ventilated natural environment indoors. Prevent close fire. Remove the lithium battery pack when charging.

(3) The battery operating temperature is 15c-40c. In addition to the temperature range here, it will also damage all normal operations of the rechargeable battery.

(4) It is impossible to cause the extreme short-circuit fault in the bottle to be positive or negative to prevent risks.

(5) Battery charging can only be done with the special charging head produced by the manufacturer.

(6) The battery is a special rechargeable battery. Please do not act as a switching power supply other than electric vehicles to prevent battery hazards.

(7) The battery box must not be cleaned with solvents. In the event of an accidental fire accident, it is impossible to use carbon-based fire rescue, but to use carbon-based fire rescue.

(8) If common faults occur in the household appliance group, please report to the manufacturer’s authorized agency or relevant agency for proper disposal. Please do not throw it away to prevent air pollution.

(9) When the operating temperature is greater than 40°C or less than -10°C, the number of battery cycles will decrease. Therefore, the rechargeable battery can prevent the direct solar radiation of summer heat. In the ultra-low temperature in winter, rechargeable batteries should be stored in the room and charged in the room. When the battery is fully charged, the battery should be charged for another 2 hours.

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