Causes of lead sulfide crystals in the electrode plates of lead-acid batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-16

There are many reasons for lead-acid battery electrode plates to produce lead sulfide crystals. It is a long-term phenomenon that lead-acid electrode plates do not use rechargeable batteries. For example, car manufacturers’ original cars have not been sold for a long time and they are parked in parking spaces for a long time. on. If the owner of a private car goes out publicly for a long time, the family will find that the car cannot fire and drive. If more serious overcharge and discharge, the lead-acid battery electrode will be on a large lead sulfide crystal and bear the charge. If you forget to turn off the light, drive all night, the motorcycle battery will be fatal. Dissecting these fully sealed lead-acid batteries, it can be seen that the white lead sulfate crystals have tightly bonded the two plates together, and they cannot be pulled apart. At this time, each grid has a voltage of two volts (12-volt battery). It is composed of 6 grids in series), and it is now close to zero volts.

Whether it is a sealed or non-sealed rechargeable battery, if required for the stated reasons, it can be reduced. The performance of modern single-pulse technology makes this irreversible vulcanized rubber reversible. On March 15, 2006, French technical engineer Bingle and proud drive engineer Ray developed a new generation of charging product series. They have been developing new products for most of the first half of the first half of the year: battery repair equipment. These equipment have performed more than half of the specific Experiments show that the actual effect is very good. After anatomically repaired sealed lead-acid batteries, it can be seen that the milky lead sulfate crystals on the plates have basically faded, and the battery voltage has recovered from near zero to all normal charging voltages. Basic charging methods can be used Recharge and find that its capacity has been restored to 90% or more.

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