Causes of explosion in use of lead-acid batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-11

The reason for the explosion of lead-acid batteries:

It is said that traditional lead-acid batteries for traction are flammable and explosive. In fact, most of the reasons are due to improper operation. Because there are many chemical materials that are chemically changed, the technology is brittle, the terminal voltage is high, the internal resistance is low, and the terminal voltage of the old bottle is low, and the internal resistance is very large. Generally, the resistance of the new bottle is 1V.

When new and old batteries are used in series, the charging voltage of the batteries on both sides of the old battery will be higher than the charging voltage of the batteries on both sides of the new battery, resulting in the new battery not being charged and the old battery being charged and discharged for a long time. The capacity is greater than that of the old battery, causing the old battery to be overcharged and discharged, and even the old battery swells. It will consume the electromagnetic energy of new batteries, and will also cause short circuits inside household appliances and the use of old batteries.

There are three reasons for the explosion: 1. The internal pressure of the lead-acid battery is too high to cause the explosion of the battery shell. It is understood that during the entire process of battery charging, especially in the later stage of battery charging, due to battery charging, water dissolves into radon gas and carbon dioxide, short-circuit failure, vulcanized rubber and battery charging are more serious, battery electrolyte is larger, and battery electrolyte is larger. If the steam plug is full, the national standard of the battery charging system is too simple due to the late steam, the working pressure will rise, and the voltage will be deformed first. When the pressure comes from the battery cover or other weakly cracked substrates, the battery is a physical process . When the working pressure in the bottle is higher than .mpa, the bottle breaks and the cracked part is located at the edge of the groove cover. The explosive limit of the mixed gas of H and O in the battery produced by the combustion of radon is the H+-+ of the volume of the mixed gas and the volume of the mixed gas. If the charge of the battery is used to electrolyze water, the hydrogen content in the battery exceeds the explosive range. When the hydrogen content in the battery or the air accumulates to the explosive limit, it is a chemical change. It is found that the explosion of the battery belongs to the explosion of the branch chain. This kind of explosion often occurs under the condition of over-charging the battery. If there are false joints in the bottle pole, through-wall welding, etc., the probability of battery explosion is higher. Under all normal application standards, it is not easy to produce spontaneous heat explosion reaction. When the battery is charged and the working voltage is high, diesel will explode under the additional fire standard. According to the inspection of the explosion of the battery car, it was found that most of the generator regulators were defective, and the battery was seriously overcharged. The blocking of the discharge hole is caused by the traditional lead-acid battery discharge hole blocking the lead-acid battery. The battery breaks first, the fault causes the battery to vibrate, the terminal connection is unstable and causes a fire, and then explodes.

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