Causes of battery overload tripping Guilin battery factory

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-17

  Guilin Battery Factory

   After the battery trips, check whether the insulation of the 640 switch control circuit, the trip coil, and the operation voltage of the trip intermediate relay are normal. In view of the above situation, combined with the actual analysis of the field equipment, the TJ action power in the 640 switch trip circuit is small (measured as 2W), the control cable length in the loop is greater than 400m, and the long cable has a battery effect. When the liquid leakage in the battery pack causes the DC system to reduce the ground voltage (measured 52V), when the DC system has a large disturbance (such as the start of a high-power load, or an instant grounding), the voltage of the DC system will fluctuate or be impacted instantaneously. A pulse current is generated in the capacitor loop that controls the long cable. This leads to the stroke relay TJ action.

   The battery should avoid overloading or too small. Excessive load will cause the equipment to be overloaded for a long time and shorten the service life of the equipment; if the load is too small, the equipment will work The circuit is in an abnormal state for a long time, which is also harmful to the marine battery in the equipment. The reasonable load should be controlled between 50% and 80%. Practice has proved that the output equipment has the best load control and reliability, around 60%. Load 300MW, factory 640 switch trips, the fault record shows that the 640 switch trips, the unit operation signal is normal, the 640 switch trips first, the generator and transformer group protection has no fault signal, no protection action record, the unit operation signal is normal when the 640 switch trips , Generator and transformer group protection has no fault signal and no protection action record. The power system voltage is normal, bus error, fault protection, high cycle cutting machine no signal, no protection action record.

  The battery of the power system prevents the busbar of the battery pack from tripping, and the minimum cross-sectional area of u200bu200bthe cable between the busbar and the DC screen on the DC panel is selected according to the maximum load current. Separate cables should be used for the positive and negative poles between the battery and the DC panel, and both ends can be single-core cables, generally aluminum cables with an area of u200bu200bnot less than 2.5mm2.

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