Car battery without electricity emergency start - three methods-Power Kingdom

by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-17
Battery without electricity or start motor malfunction, you need to take emergency start at this moment. Carts start is the most familiar is the most effective method of emergency start, but it is a necessary means, because doing so for the engine and clutch has certain damage, automatic vehicle, in particular, should avoid using this method. When the cart first to pay attention to safety. Watch the road vehicle parking location is appropriate for carts start, can improve the speed of the car with the help of decline, if the car is the ascent ahead, the cart ahead will be very tired, the speed is also difficult to improve, so should be turned around to the direction of cart. As far as possible not to vehicles and pedestrians started driving of cart. Vehicle driving should be opened before the ignition switch, after reaching a speed, transmission hang into 2 block, and the clutch pedal and quickly go. Engine once started, you should quickly on the clutch pedal, the throttle control at the same time, don't let the engine off, then slowly parking. When the battery power is insufficient, can use this method of emergency start. Will be near two cars, until the jumper cable connected to the two pieces of battery enough is negative. Attention should be paid to ensure that the two cars didn't contact, only allowed to use with sufficient carrying capacity and bringing the cable insulation sheath. If you provide the power of the battery is installed on the vehicle is not directly for a jumper, you must use the tool to remove the battery. Determine the positive and negative two pieces of battery, use the cable to the positive and the positive and negative and negative, respectively. Pay attention to the battery positive negative must not make a mistake.
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