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by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-17
Work in the modern society, the fast pace of life, always little not is an important means of transportation & ndash; — A car. The birth of the automobile is one of the main important social progress. With the high popularity of the car the car owners own consciousness also has a lot of improvement, but in actual transport and maintenance is also there are a variety of error: error 1: on the basis of battery electric eye, and can not accurately determine the battery status with performance on general battery status indicator, through the observation of different color can discern the stand or fall of the battery performance. Can't say the light is no scientific basis, only on the accuracy of error is inevitable. Because car battery itself is a complex whole, its performance is affected by various factors. Completely according to the test results, often misleads the owner. Varta battery remind daily maintenance car owners should be in the 4 s shop or professional motor repair shop to test the battery, rather than to simply observe the battery electric eye. Drivers to remember? Erroneous zone 2: choose the bad product, quality low erected many owners of car when new car just proceed with care, for maintenance, beauty spending without hesitation. As the new car becomes old, the hard to avoid in the maintenance of the car somewhat lax, particularly in the auto parts on the change of position, is no longer as the original factory accessories as first choice. The battery replacement may choose some price are relatively cheap, relatively low battery brand; There is another possibility: the owner in undesirable businessman over there the choose and buy the battery quality is not pass. All of these, are not owners should be met. Germany one hundred brand & ndash; — Varta batteries, at present in China has established a production, sales and after-sales and a series of complete system, products can well to finish the tough task. In addition, the current production of varta batteries are maintenance-free storage battery, farewell because electrolyte problem caused by the faults in the traditional products, other products exclusive use in advanced & other; Times throughout FuRui technology &; , can let the battery more perfect performance advantages into full play. Perfect battery, begin from varta. Myth 3: incorrect use, increase the burden of battery car auto parts in the damage and failure, not only is the product itself. Battery, owners also need to form a good habit of car. For example a car starts to open air conditioning, do not say, this kind of practice fee oil also greatly increases the battery burden; Engine shut down after the car stereo, lights and other equipment is not closed in time is also very serious damage to the battery & hellip; … So owners want to have a good habit of universal car, the car away from the bad.
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