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by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-18
The working principle of car battery car battery for the vast majority of lead-acid batteries. In a nutshell, it is a kind of can convert chemical energy into electrical energy electrochemical devices. Lead-acid batteries by positive and negative plate, plate, shell, electrolyte and wiring and other components of the pile head, the discharge chemical reaction is depend on the positive plate of active substances and negative plate under the action of active substances in the electrolyte. A standard 12 v lead-acid battery consists of six units, each of electricity power produces about 2 v. Traditional will happen in the process of using the electrolyte battery to reduce the phenomenon, this is because the plate grid frame, traditional battery lead antimony alloy, antimony can lead pollution on the negative plate spongiform pure, abate after fully charged battery in the counter electromotive force, caused by excessive water decomposition, a large number of oxygen and hydrogen escape from the positive and negative plates respectively, reduce the electrolyte. On the design principle and traditional battery and maintenance-free battery, use thicker plate material, important difference is that fence made of lead calcium alloy plate. In the process of electrochemical reaction, can reduce charging flow, reduce the liquid gasification rate, thereby reducing the loss of the electrolyte, relative to extend the service life of the battery. Discharge and charge in the process of discharge, the lead dioxide on the pad, sponge lead and chemical reaction of sulfuric acid in the electrolyte to discharge, produce lead sulfate and water, and the difference between positive and negative plates mutually cut school because of the battery voltage depends on the different pad material and concentration of electrolyte, so after discharge, battery energy loss. Charge and discharge process instead. Under the action of electric current of the generator, lead sulfate and water into lead dioxide, sponge lead with sulfuric acid, plate, concentration of electrolyte, battery energy increase.
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