Can the pollution-free battery become a green energy source?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-15

Can storage batteries become 'green energy'?

As the main raw material of Yuasa storage battery is lead, it will inevitably give people the impression that it is not environmentally friendly. Can Yuasa batteries become 'green energy'? People are always looking for answers.

At present, the application of cadmium in Yuasa batteries is gradually being banned. By 2013, cadmium will be completely withdrawn from the market. This is the news revealed by Xu Hong, secretary general of the Yuasa Battery Branch of the China Electrical Equipment Industry Association at the Shanghai Lead-Zinc Summit held a few days ago. She pointed out that although the environmental protection problem of cadmium can be realized from the technical level, with the frequent occurrence of cadmium pollution incidents, the state stipulates that cadmium must be banned in 2013, and companies producing lead-antimony-cadmium alloys will also withdraw.

Han Zuoliang, chairman of the China Battery Industry Association, said that Yuasa battery will focus on the development of valve-controlled sealing, gel, winding, bipolar, super battery, lead-carbon battery, etc. The new type of storage battery promotes the research and development and industrialization of Yuasa storage battery lead reduction technology, and studies to improve the power characteristics of lead storage batteries and reduce lead consumption are of great significance to reduce the cost of lead storage batteries, save energy and reduce emissions, and save resources.

The Yuasa battery manufacturer has changed from a technical problem to a quality problem, and now it has turned into an environmental problem. Because this industry is a high-risk industry, business operators have to bear legal risks. Once pollution is caused, local governments and environmental protection departments have to bear corresponding responsibilities.

Under the new situation of the national low-carbon environmental protection concept advocacy, the leading enterprises in the Yuasa battery industry have also accelerated their transformation and upgrading to low-carbon and energy-saving. 'With the development and utilization of solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, tidal energy, etc., and the development of the electric vehicle industry, Yuasa batteries, as a'green' industry that does not consume the earth's resources, has broad room for development.

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