Can maintenance-free lead-acid batteries add electrolyte?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-06

Can I add electrolyte to maintenance-free lead-acid batteries?

You cannot add electrolyte, but only distilled water. The electrolyte of lead-acid batteries has a concentration requirement. During the evaporation of the electrolyte, Sulfuric acid does not evaporate, adding electrolyte is equivalent to increasing the electrolyte concentration, and the battery will be damaged.

The reason for the uncertainty of battery capacity during use

Generally speaking, the actual use of batteries is different from laboratory experiments, and there are strict regulations on environmental temperature, load and other conditions. In a greatly changing use environment, the instability of batteries in general chemical products will not be an exception, which will inevitably lead to a certain range of uncertain changes in battery parameters, including capacity parameters.

I also mentioned that the capacity of a battery is not a single-valued number, and its size depends on the measurement conditions. Even in the laboratory, the same fully charged battery is discharged with different currents such as 2C and the capacity is very different. The big difference is common sense. When the user actually uses the battery, the actual load is a wide-ranging load. For example, there is great uncertainty in electric transportation products.

Using batteries is like driving a car using fuel. It is impossible to achieve the same road conditions, distance, speed, load, etc., and it is also impossible to wait for the red light at the intersection every day. Therefore, the amount of fuel consumed by a car is not the same every day. The use of batteries is very similar to this, because the uncertain factors encountered in daily use of batteries in use are not only unpredictable before use, but if you contact the difficulty of measuring the battery capacity mentioned above, it is not difficult to think It is also impossible to know accurately during use. Therefore, it is impossible to know exactly how much capacity is left after the battery is discharged and used.

Not only that, it is also related to the following problem: the battery energy storage system is different from the way fuel vehicles store energy materials. The loss when the fuel vehicle takes out the fuel from the fuel tank and sends it into the combustion chamber of the engine is extremely small and can be ignored. Therefore, the remaining amount of fuel in the fuel tank is easy to know. The battery is not the case. While it provides current output to the working load, there is a non-negligible energy loss in the internal resistance and contact resistance of the battery. Moreover, the size of this loss is directly proportional to the size and time of the battery energy output. And dissipate to the surrounding space in the form of thermal energy. Under normal conditions, this divergence loss is related to the temperature, air flow rate and heat dissipation conditions around the battery, and it is difficult to accurately measure.

Therefore, there is great uncertainty about how much capacity is left after each use of the battery. This objective fact is a powerful answer to the Cr value measured on the load in the previous SOC measurement method equation. It cannot be used to represent the actual battery capacity consumption value in daily use. This is also a lack of SOC measurement method. Scientific basis, and made a more objective and reasonable answer.

Objectively speaking, another point worthy of people’s attention is that there is an essential difference between the energy storage of a battery and the general type of energy storage of a car. Once the fuel tank of the steam port becomes a product, the volume of the fuel substance stored generally will not change with the environment unless an accident occurs. The storage battery is different. Although the appearance structure does not seem to change much with the environment after becoming a product, the size and capacity of the stored electric energy are changed with the external environment. This is also one of the complex problems that the battery energy storage system is difficult to control.

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