Can I change the ordinary battery after turning off the start-stop function?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-13

   can I change the ordinary battery after turning off the start-stop function?


   I recently saw some claims on the Internet: because the start-stop battery is more expensive than ordinary batteries, when you need to replace it, use the trip computer to flash the auto start-stop of the car, and change it like this When the battery is used, it is possible to install an ordinary battery.



   For this type of remarks, I just want to say: Even if you completely 'castrate' the start-stop system, It is not recommended to use ordinary batteries. There are two reasons for this:


  program does not match


   cars equipped with a start-stop system, especially some high-end cars Vehicles are generally equipped with a power management system (BMS). At the same time, the control network and power system of these vehicles are also more complicated. If the EFB or AGM battery is replaced with an ordinary battery, there is generally no program corresponding to the ordinary lead-acid battery in the power management system, and the initialization of the battery cannot be completed. In other words, BMS does not recognize ordinary lead-acid batteries, which will cause many systems on the car to fail to work properly.


   different charging modes


   Different types of batteries have different charging procedures, especially those of ordinary wet lead-acid batteries. There is a big difference between the charging mode and the charging mode of the AGM battery. For some models, if the AGM battery was originally required, it would be replaced with an ordinary wet-type lead-acid battery. Even if the discharge current can meet the electricity demand, due to the different charging mode, not only will the battery be damaged prematurely, but also the entire system may fail. normal operation.


   Moreover, for some vehicles with a start-stop system, even if the battery required by the original vehicle is used, if there is a problem with the matching data, the vehicle will not operate normally.


   In fact, after all the cars are bought, do you still care about the difference in the battery price? Choosing a safe and reliable battery that suits your car is the last word. You say yes~

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