Can electricity - new solar cell rainy day The solar cell - Solar battery

by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-21
It's cloudy and rainy weather often affect the solar cells account for. Solar cells to attach a transparent nano generator, a Chinese team newly developed a can be in the rain with rain to generate power device. China suzhou university functional nano see and Sun Bao hsu-huei sun and soft material research institute researchers in the latest issue of the American chemical society & middot; Nano journal reported that the mixing device consists of a traditional silicon-based solar cells and a & other; Friction power & throughout; Composition, and the latter can be shed rain mechanical energy into electrical energy. “ Friction power & throughout; By the Georgia institute of technology the nanogenerator team first. Previous studies have shown that the two types of equipment can be an external connection together. In the new design, the solar cell and & other Friction power & throughout; By a common electrode is integrated as a whole. The researchers believe that this design is more simple, greatly improve the efficiency of the output. The researchers used a high conductivity of polymer solution produced the device of electrode film together. Lead author Wen Zhen told xinhua reporters that when raindrops falling water droplets and as friction layer & other Friction power & throughout; Friction charged, common electrode film as electrical charge induction layer induction and export. Because of the friction layer is transparent, almost no impact on sunlight incident, so will not affect the normal work of the solar cell itself. When it rains, can also collect rainwater drop kinetic energy, expand the scope of energy collection, in the existing silicon-based solar cell application under the condition of large area, has a good application prospect.
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