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by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-27
On August 12, according to foreign media reports, the footsteps of the pursuit of green help solar and wind power industry to obtain root, California put forward rapidly increase the adoption of the battery and accelerating the use of renewable energy. Solar and wind power intensity fluctuation is very big, so the power reserve and power supply on the basis of battery becomes developing direction. California governor jerry & middot; Brown ( 杰里。 布朗) In San Francisco last month at the international solar fair ( Intersolar) That & other; We can't simply rely on the sun, we must be sunshine into the bottle. ” California battery plan as expanding renewable energy act, the state proposed to California in 2020 a third of the power supply will be renewable energy. This proposal has inspired a wave of science and technology competition, to begin to participate in the competition including venture capitalist Peter & middot; Teal ( Peter Thiel) And vinod & middot; Khosla ( Vinod Khosla) , large battery maker LG Chem, ge ( 通用电气有限公司) And Microsoft founder bill & middot; Gates ( 比尔盖茨) 。 To promote renewable energy storage battery using action not only occurred in California, Germany is the pioneer in this field. In the United States, funding has supported the related project in states such as New York and Texas. And California renewable energy target is actively, hopes to achieve 1 to 2020 energy storage. 3 gw, that is able to supply 1 million households demand of traditional power plant capacity. American institutions Lux Research analyst Steve & middot; Minneapolis (khan, 史蒂文Minnihan) Of California, said the proposal was the first legislation, it will produce immediate and permanent effect on the electric energy storage market. Minneapolis khan, the installation of renewable energy by 2017 is expected to amount value will reach $10. 4 billion, and $200 million last year. Energy storage compared to establish gas plant many expensive, the establishment of the energy storage projects have been relying on government subsidies. In addition, the energy storage there are risks in technology. The California public utilities commission imitating the zadar senior engineering & middot; And Mr Ali ( 法扎德Ghazzagh) Said, the taxpayer will have to make a huge investment, installing such storage facilities cost between $1 billion and $3 billion. Favour say, taxpayers will benefit from it, because energy storage for utilities to avoid to build power plants and transmission network to adapt to peak demand. California's regulators transmission network, the report said if considering all of the benefit, energy storage cost value. However, in the field of solar manufacturing, energy storage enterprises was having a difficult time of, because the cost is difficult to come down and the breakthrough of technology there is a problem. Energy storage equipment maker A123 Systems and Beacon Power LLC after get support for the department of energy (doe) has filed for bankruptcy. The two companies under the new ownership structure are restructured. A123 with 2. $5. 7 billion by the Chinese auto parts maker wanxiang group ( 万向) The purchase of us division is still committed to the transmission network battery production, and in June of this year to Hawaii Maui Electric sold products. Beacon Power to $30. 5 million by a private equity firm Rockland Capital acquisition, now is working on a Pennsylvania government support for the new project. In addition to battery, Microsoft's bill & middot; Gates, a venture capitalist Peter & middot; Teal, vinod & middot; Khosla this year all of compressed air energy storage startup sail light energy ( LightSail能源) For the investment. In may this year, sail light energy from the California energy commission won a $1. 7 million bonus. Mr Gates and Mr Khosla is common to another storage battery startup Ambri invested. Khosla created khosla VCS ( Khosla Ventures) Partner Andrew & middot; Chen ( 安德鲁·钟) Said the large-scale energy storage transmission will come true sooner or later, it's only a matter of time. He also said the California battery using plan for those who really until now is still in the start-up of hard opened the door of the development. Lux Research analyst Steve & middot; Minneapolis khan, said the real impact of this plan, California will happen in 2020 and 2030, a move expected to be intense other states to adopt the corresponding measures.
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