Calculation method of battery in wind power generation equipment power generation

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-09

  Calculation method of battery in wind farm power generation


   Due to the frequent changes of wind speed, when the current is large, the motor output current is small, when the wind speed is low, The charging current and required charging time are difficult to determine. In this case, we use the following two calculation methods to determine the battery capacity configuration.


  1. The method of power balance calculation.


  The calculation steps are as follows:


  a. According to the wind speed data provided by the local meteorological department, according to the wind speed provided by the local meteorological department According to the data, the initial working wind speed of the wind turbine in different wind speed ranges and the wind speed of the stopped wind speed are calculated daily.


   B. According to the selected wind turbine's Pu003df(V) characteristic curve and wind speed data, calculate the station’s daily power generation and draw the annual power generation process curve. The annual power generation capacity of the 100-type wind turbine of the Commercial Machinery Factory based on the wind speed data of Inner Mongolia Youqi. Calculations show that under local wind conditions, the annual output power of the machine is 276 degrees. It can be seen from the online that the daily power generation changes greatly, the largest at the end of April is 19 degrees, in February it is only degrees, and the phase difference is nearly 20 times. It is necessary to configure batteries for energy storage adjustment.


   According to telecommunications conditions, power consumption is calculated on a daily basis and the annual power consumption is given. As shown in the line in the picture.


  D. Compare the power generation and power consumption lines to determine the time period when the required battery capacity and power generation are less than the maximum power consumption difference (the diagonal line in the figure Part) of the battery. The maximum difference in the figure is 2.3 degrees. The battery needs to be configured better, when the battery is only 4 blocks, 12-48. The total capacity is VA.


  2, empirical calculation method


   According to our experimental experience, the following formula can be simply The wind conditions in the area are used to estimate the required battery capacity.


   where Q_ is used to configure battery capacity (Ah);


  P_load power (watts);< /p>


  T_day power consumption hours;


  U-standard battery voltage (usually 12V);


  N_battery reserve cycle coefficient; (determined according to wind conditions, generally 3-8 days)


  K_discharge control coefficient (Take 0.75~0.8)


   The above formula takes into account: the rated power of the electrical equipment, the local weather conditions (ie the average time of the airless period) and the discharge It should be controlled to a certain extent to prevent over-discharge of the battery.


   uses the right rear sign as an example, install 3 households of 100 watt machines, each household with a 12 volt 15 watt bulb 2 will only be lit for 5 hours a day, To calculate the battery capacity to be configured. (The reserve factor is 6, and the discharge control factor is 0.8) Substitute into the formula:


   When 6 L2-48 batteries are selected, the total capacity of the battery is 288%.


   When determining the standard battery, it is important to note that the capacity of the power storage unit should be able to safely accept the maximum current intensity Imax output by the wind turbine.

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