Calculation method of battery capacity

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-14

The battery capacity calculation method must be based on the set working voltage, and the set time should display the volume to the load. The following is the capacity calculation method:

1. The necessary conditions for calculating the capacity:

a. The discharge current must be adjusted and changed over time in the charging and discharging process.

b. The charging and discharging time can be estimated.

c. Determine the bottle position temperature standard in advance, so that the low value of the bottle is easy to consume. The room is usually 50 degrees, and the room is -50 degrees. Central air-conditioning is used to ensure that the room temperature is as low as the specific temperature.

d. Allow low-voltage single battery to allow low voltage (v/single battery) (the working voltage of low-voltage transmission line is damaged under load)/serial number 2, volume calculation method c1k1i1k2(i2-i1), kn (in-in-1)/lc: 250c rated charge and discharge rate calculation volume (a), uxl rechargeable battery is 10 hours volume. L: The adjusted value of maintenance factor, service time and volume change caused by changes in application standards. Generally l value selection. k: The capacity conversion time is determined by the charging and discharging time t, the low application temperature of the rechargeable battery, and the allowable low voltage. The conversion sequence of charge current and discharge current gives the standard 1, 2, and n of charge current and discharge current. The example shows that the charge current and discharge current are 140a (a gives b), and the charge and discharge time are 30c. The discharge temperature is 550cd, allowing low-voltage single cells. Note: The example is a simple calculation of the charge and discharge current of a certain type of battery. For other load types, please refer to the Japanese battery industry standard sba6001.

Characteristics of storage battery products: No maintenance required: Rechargeable batteries do not carry water during all periods of use. Lithium-ion batteries have the advantages of high reliability, long service life, unique sealing structure, flame-retardant casing, etc., and are not easy to cause electrolyte leakage. Net weight, volumetric energy density, low internal resistance, high power. The self-discharge is small, and the monthly self-discharge rate at 20℃ does not exceed 2%.

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