Calculation formula of UPS power supply configuration battery

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-23
There are usually two methods for battery calculation: 1 Constant current mode calculation:    According to the principle of conservation of energy, the battery configuration is calculated according to the following formula:   Cu003d(PL×T)/(Vbat×η×K)   Among them: C-battery capacity, ( Ah) PL-UPS output power (W); T-battery backup time (h);     Vbat-battery pack voltage (Vdc), η-UPS battery inverter efficiency (0.90-0.95, selected according to the model).  K-battery discharge efficiency (coefficient).  K is selected according to the following table: K discharge time<1h1h2h4h>8h battery discharge efficiency  According to the calculation results, determine the number of Ah of the battery, and select the appropriate configuration according to different brands of batteries. For example: a new generation of rack-mounted high-performance small-capacity UPS-ITA series 6kVA of a certain brand, battery pack voltage 192V (16 12V power supplies in series), UPS battery inverter efficiency 0.94, 4.8kW full load, 2 hours backup calculation Cu003d 4800*2/(192*0.94*0.7)u003d76Ah (estimated value) Just select 16 12V85Ah batteries, such as Cu0026D12-76LBT. 2Constant power calculation formula Wu003dPL÷(N*6*η)(Watts/cell)   where PL is the active power of the UPS rated output (kW); N is the number of 12V batteries; Vf is the rated voltage of the battery pack, η Is the inverter efficiency.   First calculate the required power of the single battery, and then find the battery model that can meet the requirements through the constant power discharge table provided by the battery manufacturer. 'The termination discharge voltage is determined according to 1.75V/cell. Usually the power meter given by the battery manufacturer is the power of a single 2V/Cell, which is defined as Watts/cell.  The power meter given by some manufacturers is Watts/block, so you need to multiply it by a factor of 6. For example: a new generation of rack-mounted high-performance small-capacity UPS-ITA series 20kVA of a certain brand, 32 battery cells (30-40 even-numbered cells adjustable), UPS battery inverter efficiency 0.95, 20kVA*0.9u003d18kW at full load 2 hours backup calculation.   W/cellu003dPL/(N×6×η)u003d18000/(32*6*0.95)u003d98.68Watts/cell  The discharge power meter of MPS series 12-76 of Cu0026D is shown in the figure: 2 hours discharge The power is 51.5W/cell at 1.75Vdc, select 98.68/51.5u003d1.92 group, take 2 groups of 32 12V76Ah Cu0026D MPS series batteries, a total of 64 batteries. (Source: UPS Application)
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