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by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-29
For traditional battery will happen in the process of using fluid phenomenon, this is due to the gate of antimony on the shelf will lead pollution on the negative plate, excessive water decomposition, a large number of oxygen and hydrogen spillover from the positive and negative plates respectively, reduce the electrolyte. Avoid WeiHuXing battery is made of lead calcium alloy, because the battery USES lead calcium alloy for grid frame, so the charge when the water quantity is little, water evaporation capacity is also low, coupled with the outer seal structure, the acid gases released is very few, so it is compared with the traditional battery, do not need to add any liquid, less corrosion of wiring pile head, electrical, and body, overcharge resistance is strong, large starting current, power advantages of long storage time, is very popular in domestic in recent years. Battery storage capacity can be reflected in the dashboard. When current meter pointer display storage capacity is insufficient, to charge in a timely manner. Sometimes found that power is not enough in the way, the engine stalled again won't start, as a temporary measure, can seek help from other vehicles, using the battery to launch vehicle, on the other vehicles that connected the two battery anode and the cathode, the anode and the anode is connected. Battery don't have to for a long time, it will slowly discharge by oneself, to scrap. Therefore, every once in a while you should start a car, for battery charging. Another way is pulled down, the two electrodes on the battery needs to pay attention to unplug from the electrode column are both positive and negative electrode thread, to remove the negative line first, or remove negative and automobile chassis connections, and then pull with the positive logo ( Ten) On the other end. Battery service life to a certain extent, to a certain period has to be replaced. When replacement should follow the same order, but in the up electrode wire, order, by contrast, take the positive first, and then connect the cathode.
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