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by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-14
Post-holiday also comes at a time of autumn, whether to drive long distances to return, or through a in the heat of summer, when your car has become a bit & other; Tired & throughout; And even & other; Immune function & throughout; Also sell at a discount greatly, so the owner can't neglect of car maintenance, otherwise it may not be able to survive the cold winter. Autumn the focus of the vehicle maintenance, can be summarized as: one, the check valve carbon deposition, can appear due to valve carbon deposition speed slow, hurry come on tempering, difficulties start phenomenon; Second, tire pressure is normal, and whether there are scratches, moreover the rubber in the fall and winter easy to harden and become brittle, tire easy leakage, even Mr Tire; Three water, antifreeze, cannot replace, not timely replacement of antifreeze is likely to affect the normal work of the automobile cooling system; Frequently check four, brake system, pay attention to whether the brake fluid is enough quantity, quality is poor, need to add note timely or replacement; Five, battery maintenance, ensure the normal use of vehicles start smoothly and other electrical appliances. As the car electric power source, the choice of the battery and maintenance is very important. Automobile storage battery are divided into conventional lead-acid batteries and avoid WeiHuXing battery. At present, most of the cars are free WeiHuXing battery, in 2 - service life For three years. To avoid WeiHuXing battery, many owners will think don't need maintenance, actually otherwise, the effective maintenance can prolong the service life of the battery. Before the daily maintenance, first of all, to choose a good performance, and after-sales service is also a better battery. Good battery can effectively improve the motor starting force performance, avoid the repeated start and cause of damage to the starter. Jiang's self-control energy power business VARTA VARTA batteries, have PowerFrame® patent technology; Times FuRui plate grid technology, for the highway type grid design makes the conductivity than pull screen grid of the same gram weight increased by 70%. Current concentrations of bold and reinforcement design, further strengthen current output, make start more strong. At the same time, PowerFrame® Times FuRui plate grid technology compared with traditional sheeting, a 66% increase in corrosion resistance, can significantly reduce the battery failure due to acid corrosion, so as to prolong the service life of the battery. Have a good performance and high quality battery, plus pay attention to maintenance in daily use, the owners can get more material benefit, as well as a better driving experience. Car battery for daily use should pay attention: every time when start a car start time should not be more than 3 to 5 seconds, start time interval is not less than 10 seconds again; Cars often short driving, starting and stopping, can lead to cell is in a state of lack of charging for a long time, shorten service life. Before leaving the vehicle, check to make sure that all lights and other appliances ( Such as radio, CD) Has been closed; If the car is not in use for a long term, should be to fully charge battery. Every other month to launch the car up at the same time, medium speed running about 20 minutes. Otherwise, the place time is too long, will influence on the performance of the car to start. In addition, the vehicle maintenance notice: in the car to often dust, reduce the harm of harmful substances to the body; In addition, door hinges, guides as affected by the descent of the sandstorm and wash the car easy to rust, produces sound when open and close and the problems as long as the above can be coated with anti-rust oil on a regular basis. Don't miss every place, don't miss every detail, for vehicles with consideration for your consideration.
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