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by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-18
Owners need to develop good habits reporter visits found that forgot to turn off the lights when parked, this is a lot of new owner prone to error. New owner Mr. Chen told reporters, & other; Recently often forgot to turn off the car when parked double flash and automotive electronics. Battery after a night of consumption, electricity shortages could not start the car. Only ask help friends over. ” Of course there is also a part of the owners is & other; Careful & throughout; , but forget to turn off the car reading lamp, the last row passengers wait to come back to take car owners, also won't start because the battery is low. During the visit, the reporter found that some owners use bad habits, such as driving a car head lamps to open fog lamps, do things more open warning lights off, some owners hobby music will car audio modification, use more power consumption of audio, bring the battery extremely high load, cut short battery life. According to measure, there is a large light bulb consumed 50 watts, fog lamps containing four to 200 watts of power consumption, warning light bulbs, a total of about 100 watts, speakers two each about 20 to 30 watts to 500 watts, if can notice that the only use, reduce the load of the battery, can reduce the hanging on the road. Remember before stall close air conditioning sorching summer, many owners used to none as the vehicle to start automatically start air conditioning or air conditioning, which often causes after each open vehicle ignition switch, air conditioning system will automatically start the work, the consequences are a direct result of vehicles instantaneous power load is too high, over time, the battery is a kind of loss. Professional repair shop tells a reporter, if the owner didn't turn off air conditioning, so every time launch vehicle, the battery is not only to provide startup power for starter, still have to drive air conditioning compressor, extra pressure will accelerate the battery & other; Burden throughout the &; 。 Recommended before each destination, first turn off the A/C button, let the cold wind blowing A few minutes, in order to make sure the inside of the air conditioning system is dry, reduce the number of bacteria breeding, then before the car out, turn off the air conditioner. Do not frequently for some launch vehicle & other; Age & throughout; Car, the owner may not be able to start the engine at once. It takes patience to start to be successful. Repair shops professionals recommended every time when you start the engine, not more than 3 seconds. If the first boot failure, do not be eager to start again and again. From the working principle of car, and the continuous start motor will cause excessive battery discharge and damaged, therefore, to restart the time interval should be more than 5 seconds. Pay attention to the daily maintenance battery focus on daily maintenance of the battery, in order to prolong the service life of the battery. Battery aging can lead to voltage instability, affects the launch vehicle. If the vehicle is parked for a few days can't start, is probably the battery aging signal, owner should let professionals to check battery status in time. Battery full charge state is the best state is shut down, start it in addition to the starter motor without extra power consumption, to immediately after a full charge state, do not have a current big into the phenomenon of battery aging faster, the battery can be used longer.
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