Automobile motorcycle dew warming -Power Kingdom

by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-19
July investigation understands, automobile and motorcycle that month start type lead battery enterprises starts from June fell slightly, on the one hand because of automobile and motorcycle production in July a 6% month-on-month drop, influence the starting lead battery enterprises supporting the market; On the other hand is because the hot weather caused start type demand for replacement. August motorcycle production and marketing situation for the same. From a small increase, year-on-year decline also significantly narrowed. That month complete motorcycle production and sales of 195. 720000 and 199. 050000 cars, 2 higher than last month. 2% and 4. 2%, lower than a year ago. 2% and 8. Narrow it down 8%, decline than July 4. 0 and 3. 6%. In August, the domestic automobile, motorcycle production better, which may lead to a certain extent, improve the starting type battery consumption, and boost the capacity of the enterprise. The China association of automobile manufacturers, according to data from August car output pin picks up, the end of the starting in April this year from unilateral downward momentum. August 150 communist car. 140000 cars, from 4. 5%, year-on-year increase in 7. 8%; Total sales of 149. 520000 cars, from 8. 4%, year-on-year increase in 8. 3%; Production and marketing than by July 95. Back up to 99 98%. 59%. As an important downstream starting type lead-acid batteries, car, motorcycle production and sales data recovery, will drive to match the lead battery sales.
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