Application of storage battery in communication power supply system

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-08

  Application of battery in communication power supply system

  1. Application of battery in DC floating charging power supply system

  At present, the DC power supply system is a DC floating charging power supply system composed of Puzhou battery and the whole machine in parallel. When AC power is interrupted, the battery is the only backup power source that supports the communication system. When the mains is normal, the rectifier is connected in parallel with the battery and powered by the power supply alone, and the floating charging current is mainly used to compensate for the self-discharge energy loss of the battery. When the AC power supply is cut off, when the communication equipment is busy, the output current of the battery should meet the maximum current and output voltage of the communication equipment, and meet the minimum voltage of the basic power supply. In the design of the communication power supply system, the backup power supply time of the battery is mainly determined by referring to the type of local power supply. Batteries used in parallel with rectifiers generally use fixed large-capacity lead-acid batteries. Compared with mobile batteries, fixed large-capacity lead-acid batteries are characterized by a long discharge time, usually about 0.58 hours, so more attention should be paid to the battery Maintenance and maintenance.

   In the DC floating charging power supply system composed of the battery and the rectifier in parallel, the battery has the function of smoothing filtering and suppressing noise, because the battery is an ideal DC The power supply is equivalent to a large-capacity'capacitor', so it has a smooth filtering effect on the ripple voltage. It has been proved in the past that when the battery is not included, the output noise of the DC floating charging power supply system with the battery is less than 1≤10.

  Second, the application of batteries in uninterruptible power supply systems

   batteries are used in uninterruptible power supply systems, As mentioned above, it has the function of backup power after power failure. When the power supply is interrupted, the inverter converts the blind current stored energy of the battery into AC output through the inverter circuit to ensure the uninterrupted power supply of the AC power supply. In addition, in the'online' uninterruptible power supply system, when the power supply is normal, the rectifier and Bi battery are used as the parallel input power source of the uninterruptible power supply inverter, which greatly improves the stability of the AC output of the uninterruptible power supply system and the quality of power supply. Generally used for small and medium capacity uninterruptible power supplies, the battery backup power time is relatively short, usually between 15-30min, so how to extend the use time of UPS power supply requires reference to the maintenance skills of UPS power supply.

  3. The application of battery in oil engine generator and other systems

   The battery is also used for oil engine power generation AC power distribution control system and other systems are used as the starting power or driving power of the corresponding system. In the medium and small diesel generator set system, Puzhou battery is used as the starting power source. Since the start-up time of the oil generator set is very short, generally about 4os, it needs to use a high-speed, high-current mobile battery with a voltage of 2V, 24V, etc. In the AC power distribution control system, the battery voltage can reach 110V or higher. Contact: 1803828979


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