Application of forklift battery hydrometer Liaoning Battery Factory

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-20

  Liaoning Battery Factory

  The liquid concentration measurement of forklift batteries is usually measured with a water level meter, which is more accurate. When the battery power is insufficient and the electrolyte density is too low, when the battery power is insufficient and the electrolyte density is too low, the blue ball sinks to the extreme position. 'Internal infrared colorless' appears in the observation hole (the center is a red dot, and the surrounding is a colorless transparent ring), indicating that the battery is seriously lacking and must be charged immediately. When the electrolyte level is too low, both pellets will drop to the limit. At this time, the observation hole is'colorless inner red' (the center is a colorless transparent dot, and the surrounding is a red ring), indicating that the electrolyte is insufficient, indicating that the battery cannot be used continuously and must be replaced.

   If this test is fixed on a dry battery, distilled water must be added. The battery is a large part that is easy to wear. Its service life can reach 3-4 years, as short as 1-2 years, and the higher the frequency of driving the car (especially for long-distance use), the longer the battery life; The more frequent your car or bus, the more the number of discharges, but under-charge, the shorter the battery life.

  The gravity deviation of the forklift battery should not exceed 0.02. Once this value is exceeded, it is recommended to adjust the electrolyte acidity and charge to make the forklift battery fully react. Contact: 18038382979


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