Application field of opzs battery

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-12

The scientific name of opzs battery is tube-type opzs battery. The battery structure of opzs battery is selected. The positive electrode of the battery structure is tube-type electrode, the skeleton is pb-sb alloy, and the negative electrode plate is made of plate-type electrode. Features of opzs battery! , The separator is porous rubber and pc, the electrolyte is flooded, and the battery case material is a transparent as shell.

OPZV battery and OPZS battery have a wide range of applications in many important industries due to their long life, good low temperature performance, and high capacity. Application areas of opzs batteries, such as: solar power generation systems; railway, telecommunications, mobile, China Unicom, and other communications; emergency lighting power supplies, UPS uninterrupted power supplies; backup power supplies for signal systems; 5G network systems; medical, scientific research equipment and instruments And mobile measurement system; DC power supply of power system;

Therefore, the battery failure in the use process needs to be analyzed and processed in time to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. Some common faults and solutions are listed below, I hope everyone can help.

There are many reasons for battery failure. In addition to the impact of manufacturing quality and transportation and storage, most of them are caused by improper maintenance. If the fault is found, analyze the cause in time, and take effective measures to eliminate it as soon as possible. The characteristics, causes and maintenance methods of common battery failures are as follows:

1. Irreversible sulfation of the plates

1.1 Main features:

Battery discharge The capacity is reduced; the electrolyte density is lower than the normal value; during the charging process, the battery terminal voltage in the initial and final stages is higher than normal; bubbles occur prematurely during charging or bubbles occur at the beginning of charging; electrolyte temperature rises faster during charging ; The voltage drops quickly during discharge and drops to the end voltage prematurely.

1.2 Reasons:

The battery is often under-charged and the equalization charge is not performed in time; the battery is often over-discharged; it has been left for too long in the discharged or half-discharged state; The surface is too low, causing the upper part of the plate to expose the liquid surface.

1.3 Treatment method:

The lighter adopts balanced charging method; the severer adopts 'hydrotherapy'. In order to prevent the formation of sulfation, the operation should be carried out in accordance with the operation and maintenance instructions, and the charge should be balanced on time to eliminate sulfation.

2. Internal short circuit of the battery

2.1 Main features:

The battery voltage is very low when charging, and the voltage drops quickly when discharging; The voltage and density rise slowly during charging, and there are few or five bubbles in the final stage; the temperature of the electrolyte is high during charging and discharging, and it rises quickly, causing serious self-discharge.

2.2 Reasons;

The conductive material falls into the battery; the separator is damaged; there is too much sediment.

2.3 Treatment method: first check whether there is any conductive object falling into the battery, if there is, remove it. Lift out the pole group to check the partitions, clean up the deposits, and replace the partitions and electrolyte.

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