Application and maintenance of solar battery

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-12

The function of solar power battery components is to convert solar power into electromagnetic energy, supply load or charge the battery; the control panel is to maintain the battery charging of the battery pack; the battery pack is used to store kinetic energy; the inverter power supply is used Convert alternating current into alternating current. When the solar power cell components cannot work at night or on rainy days, the battery pack will generate electricity.

The working method of the battery can be divided into two types: circulatory system application and circulatory system application. It is generally in frequent charging and charging and discharging conditions, that is, cyclic system applications; generally, it is a fluctuating application under charging conditions, which can fill the battery caused by the damage to the life volume of the lithium battery. VRLA batteries used in photovoltaic power generation systems belong to the acquisition method.

Application and maintenance of solar power battery

(1) Suitable working temperature 15~20℃

(2 1) The connection method of the solar power battery is to connect the positive and negative of the solar power battery to each other. This will double the total number of solar power batteries, and the operating voltage is the same as that of solar power batteries. The two levels of the solar battery cannot be cut short.

(3) For newly installed or refurbished solar power storage batteries, the initial charge must be carried out for a longer time, and the current must be 1/10 of the short-circuit capacity. Be sure to accurately measure the battery before installation. If the switching power supply is not enough, please charge it in 8-16 hours or around the sun, or apply AC current before it is sufficient. Strictly prevent excessive positive discharge of pollutants. During normal charging, the gradual charging method is selected, that is, at the beginning of charging, a large current DC circuit is charged, and the stable working voltage and the stable working voltage are changed to the basic stable working voltage fluctuation method.

(4) Keep the battery clean. The installed solar power storage battery poles should be coated with glycerin to avoid corrosion of the poles.

(5) Equipped with the technical aspects of online monitoring and management of solar power batteries, automatically measure and analyze the internal resistors of solar power batteries, check the shortcomings of the batteries immediately, and maintain them immediately.

In order to prevent the solar battery battery from cracking in winter and prevent the sun from being exposed in summer, the solar battery battery should be placed in a cool place with natural ventilation.

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