APC smart SMART-UPS provides you with reliable energy protection

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-16

  apcups SMART-UPS provides you with reliable protection. In normal work and life, a sudden power failure due to various reasons will bring us unforeseen consequences, electrical appliances will be unusable, and information will not be saved. In order to minimize the losses caused by these events, an appropriate uninterruptible power supply product would be a good choice. American Power Conversion Group (APC) is a global leader in solving key tangible infrastructure problems for networks, and its products use SMART-UPS as a reliable quality mark. Creative design and strong technical support have won users: SA comprehensive solutions are suitable for domestic and foreign corporate environments, and can provide reliable guarantees for offices. Apcups is an online power supply product specifically for small and medium-sized enterprises or home users. It provides a series of reliable solutions to enable users to quickly take effective measures to minimize the loss caused by sudden power outages. APC SMART-UPS status display panel, brand logo and product model information.

Power switch

On Line (online) on the upper left-UPS then provides municipal power to the connected device, that is, the UPS only transfers power.

On Battery below-The UPS then provides the energy of the internal battery to the connected device so that the device has time to take measures, such as safely turning off the battery after a sudden interruption of municipal power. Overload means that the connected load exceeds the rated power of the UPS, so be careful.

Replace Battery below u0026mdash; the battery life has expired.

Because the APC SMART-UPS needs to work for a long time, there are a large number of heat dissipation holes on both sides of the device, which provides a good heat dissipation solution for long-term stability.

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